Liquor On Sunday?

  1. 6 years ago

    <a href="" TARGET="_blank" class="tr1link">Finally?</a>

    <i>A bill to allow Sunday liquor sales moved a step closer to reality when it cleared a key hurdle Wednesday.

    The proposal passed through its first committee with one vote to spare, despite opposition from some liquor store owners and the Teamsters union. The 8-7 vote marked the first time in recent history that Sunday-sales legislation advanced even that far.</i>

  2. Is it just me, or if you can&#039;t get your raggedy ass down to the liquor store by Saturday night, could it be that the non-gender-specific omnipresent being wants you to watch the Vikings game stone cold sober?

  3. Watching the Vikings sober is more punishment than any benevolent creator would dish out.

  4. I don&#039;t really understand the opposition to the bill from liquor stores.

    I guess maybe some of them just like being closed one day a week, and don&#039;t want to have to choose between opening an extra day and losing ground to other stores that are open seven days a week rather than six.

    But really, how damaging could it be to have one&#039;s nearest competitors open one extra day a week?

  5. Wait, liquor store owners are opposed? Do they like Wisconsin taking 1/7 of their business?

  6. [deleted]

    18 Mar 2011

    the article today in the strib was unbelievable..the owner of France 44 is all like &quot;this is bs, we&#039;re getting screwed&quot; and the dude that owns ChiLake was all &quot;This will be awesome&quot;.
    You don&#039;t need a sociology major to tell the diff between the two. I worked at a dumpy liquor store in duluth and we would have made a killing on sundays, it&#039;s the &quot;high end&quot; stores that don&#039;t care about it because they won&#039;t make the big bucks on sundays, and they have higher operating costs.

  7. One step closer to civilized life HALLELUJAH

  8. You can buy liquor on Sunday in New York City.

  9. I can get booze at the liquor store 3 blocks from my house til 2 am any night of the week. SUCK IT MINNESOTA.

    Actually, it&#039;s not a liquor store, technically but a bar which offers Package Goods, which means there is a liquor store in the bar. And the prices are the same as at a decent liquor store.

  10. <i>airloom
    3/17/11 10:35 PM
    Well, we&#039;ve &quot;moved a step closer&quot; to having no god.</i>

    Yeah, but which is worse; denying that you have a god, or shaking your fist at the heavens and demanding that God blow you?

  11. What is this shit, Europe? I didn&#039;t move here to let a bunch of limp-wristed liberals compromise my values.

  12. Not surprising that folks in Duluth are so hardcore in favor of this. I wonder what Superior liquor stores are thinking now though.

  13. Next thing you know, you&#039;ll be able to buy a car on a Sunday.

  14. and ladies will be allowed to go to base-ball games unchaperoned!

  15. God serves wine in church on His day. I don&#039;t see what&#039;s wrong with picking something up on the way home to continue the party.

  16. it&#039;s obviously not wine, oto.

  17. It certainly was in my parish. If only they&#039;d been equally committed to the coffee they served.

  18. it&#039;s the blood of christ, you dope!

  19. heathen!

  20. Blood Of Christ. ABV: 12%

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