All New Upcoming Releases You Are Excited For Thread

  1. 4 years ago

    Multiple searches didn't turn up the old one, probably my fault. ANYWAY. . .

    EDUARD ARTEMIEV - Solaris Original Soundtrack LP - first time ever release forthcoming on Superior Viaduct in mid-October. One of three beautiful handmade covers. YES!

  2. more here

  3. the new one from Cass McCombs is out next tuesday
    stream it now via NPR

  4. New Vastum n November

  5. Kind of excited, mostly bummed for this Lee Hazlewood box set from Light In The Attic. Seems kinda rip-offy, given that I've already bought the previous LHI 2lp anthology and the 7" box.... I was hoping they'd do separate reissues of Cowboy in Sweden, Requiem For An Almost Lady, and Forty on vinyl, but this appears to be cd only... really don't want to have to buy this for the previously unreleased collector-scumbait tracks. LITA should've done individual album reissues of the catalog with that material as bonus tracks, like they usually do. Boo to them for this package.

  6. I can tape them for you I have originals of Requiem and 40 and a cd of "Cowboy"

  7. Kaddisfly - Horses Galloping on Sailboats
    The River Empires - Mars/Brighton II

  8. Patrick Cowley

  9. At long last, a new Triptykon record, Melana Chasmata, due in April 2014.
    That seems like a long time from now.

  10. 3 years ago

    ^^^^^^^ 7" release March 17, new LP April 15.
    Probably only Clone and I care, but we care A WHOLE BUNCH.

  11. New Pharoahe Monch (the production will be lackluster, but Pharoahe will still carry it).

  12. Also digging the Snowgoons production on the new Onyx.

  13. I can't wait for The Supersuckers "Get The Hell", vinyl out in march.


  14. @orbit At long last, a new Triptykon record, Melana Chasmata, due in April 2014.
    That seems like a long time from now.

    Getting closer!!

  15. I was excited for the Pyramid Vritra (beatmaker/MC, super young, some loose Odd Future associations) release on Stones Throw that just came out this week, but I've started to feel a bit profligate with my music spending and am probably going to let my excitement for this marinate for a while.

  16. New Swans track from upcoming LP To Be Kind, out May 13.

  17. Waiting for the new White Suns LP Totem , on the Flenser , to show up in the mail

  18. a Fushitsusha + Peter Brotzmann 3CD set is due out at the end of the month

  19. I just read that the director wanted to have the dvd ready for this past RSD, but didn't make it. Hopefully soon.

  20. -image-

    new skygreen leopards album will be released july 8th -- it's very awesome

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