All New Upcoming Releases You Are Excited For Thread

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  2. 2 years ago


  3. Very interesting

  4. last year

    fuckin a this goes hard in the (psychedelic) paint

  5. aaand feeding tube with some obscure hippie folk prettiness reissue

  6. The youtube clip I found of Rusalnaia sounds great - wish I could get the streaming on the label's site to work

  7. Colin Stetson presents: SORROW - A reimagining of Gorecki's 3rd Symphony

  8. holy shit wow, that's one of my all-time favs ^

  9. ^ Yes !!

  10. 12 months ago

    Pink Floyd 27-disc (!) 'Early Years' box set.

  11. seriously

  12. That is just unreal.

  13. i cannot think of one single band i like enough to purchase and listen to a 27 disc set.

  14. maybe i hate art?

  15. $550, I had to go look.

    There are discs in this set I would gladly buy separately.

  16. Looks like a lot of those discs are video. Most will also be available individually next year, and I think I saw somewhere there'd also be a 2-disc condensation.

  17. the ability to buy individual discs would, indeed, be a classy move.

  18. 9 months ago

    Paging Roaratorio. . . 3xLP reissue of John Cale's Fragments of a Rainy Season. Re-mastered and re-sequenced, with extra material. $26 isn't bad, though I didn't price shipping.

  19. Oh, nice ! I'll be grabbing that for sure.

    Things I'm looking forward to :

    • new Sleaford Mods live lp
    • new Sleaford Mods ep
    • Borbetomagus 'The Eastcote Studios Session' lp
  20. 3 months ago


  21. Can't wait for the Alice Coltrane. Also the new Brotzmann/Heather Leigh record Sex Tape which is already out on the Trost records bandcamp, is great.


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