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  1. 4 years ago

    That last thread was messed up.

    I got a wedding to go to this weekend so I'll miss that ROH this weekend. We still don't have Internet in our house so I can't watch anything on Hulu yet.

  2. Man, I'm getting super excited for ROH this weekend. There are some absolute killer matches on the card. I'm hoping the turn out is decent. If they could come up here more often - that would be sick.

    Sort of a lame duck RAW/Smackdown! this week. That was a bummer.

    Bunch of weird rumors came out this week. Wrestlemania XXX is going to be Brock v Rock and Ryback v Taker - if Ryback doesn't blow up/Rock doesn't show up it will be Brock v Taker. I'm guessing this is all internet bullshit, but I can't see a world where Ryback v Taker is going to sell any tickets. That said, I really hope they can rebuild Ryback up as a beast. As dumb as it is, I sort of liked the "feed me more" meathead thing. The guy is never going to have great matches but I think WWE needs a beast on the roster (Brock withstanding.)

    Also, Kharma is supposedly coming back soon and I can't wait.

  3. Gonna be pretty weird if they never do Undertaker/Cena at WrestleMania before UT retires.

  4. I thought the Internet said with Undertaker beat up and hanging on by a thread that working a match with Lesnar wouldn't be such a hot idea. Which makes sense. Cash is king though. I don't see the Ryback idea at all. For starters, what is he, like 1-12 on ppv's? How are they going to make anyone believe?

  5. Yeah, Cena v Taker is the clear money maker.

    I'd love to see Brock face someone more fun than the Rock, but again that wouldn't make as much money as Brock v Rock. I just don't see the Rock wanting to take the beating that Lesnar will dole out.

  6. so by the time of wrestlemania when Cena comes back they won't have him going after the WWE title? or are they going to draw Bryan out till then?

  7. wait a sec i try and watch the new episode of raw on hulu plus, because we finally have internet and it only has episodes from June on there? anyone else had this problem

  8. I never have

  9. hogan is out of TNA? Worked shoot? Probs....

    I want JR to take over...Doubtful...

  10. TNA never watched it. Oh wait they had the diamond shaped ring?

  11. Raw should be on Hulu the next day. I just click "play most recent". Speaking of Hulu, another fine showing by Aiden English on NXT.

  12. TNA used to the 6 sided ring. It's had good years and bad years, mostly bad. They hired Hogan and Bischoff a few years ago. They got rid of the 6 sided ring and hired a bunch of ex WWE people and basically turned it into WWE lite. They used to shoot at universal studios, but Hogan pushed them to go on the road. They finally started touring and left Universal. Now they're running out of money and letting go a lot of their talent. People claim the writing is on the wall.

    But who knows, all of that could be a work too.

  13. I thought Hulk Hogan was being paid by SpikeTV, not TNA. I could be wrong though.

  14. It's supposedly a joint venture - same with Sting. Meltzer has reported for awhile that his contract is up 10/1 - again with all things wrestling take this with a grain of salt.

    I don't know, looking at TNA I don't know what they could do to improve. Everything they've tried hasn't bumped them up any higher. They have a great roster but I feel like as a whole the idea of TNA needs to be reworked for anything to happen. Then again, who knows what will work. Wrestling isn't an easy sell in 2013 and who am I to say what would work.

  15. I think TNA should look at NXT.

  16. The few times I've ever watched TNA, I've never felt the need to tune in to see the follow up to what I saw.

    Like Aiden English. Always thought he had a little something when I'd see him in job matches.

  17. the simpson's wrestling episode is on...

  18. finally watching RAW because we finally have internet. Raw was pretty boring except for the 11 man tag match vs the shield. pretty cool.

  19. Los matadores - pretty funny. It's a total jobber/tons of funk/3mb gimmick, but it's cool to see Mascurita Dorada in the WWE - even if he's playing a bull. Dude can work, but I doubt we'll ever see him do much. I hope I'm wrong.

    Man battleground might be the least exciting ppv of the year...I hate saying that.

  20. oof even worse than night of champions?

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