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  2. 8 weeks ago

    oh dang i should get me some tickets.

    went to Ring of Honor on Saturday and guess what i had a great time! Matt Taven vs Adam Cole was really great. Taven really impressed after i've always been real meh about him. Also is Cole for sure going to WWE now? after the match everyone was all "thank you adam! clap clap clapp". also Mr. Anderson and Marty Scurl had a good comedy match. And the Briscoes vs Motor City machine Guns was great! And packed house! I think even more than when i saw Steen's farewell tour there.

  3. 7 weeks ago

    Sounds tight. Not sure about Cole, haven't been following the dirt sheets lately. But I did see the NJPW PPV in June has Okada vs Omega II and Naito vs Tanahashi in a ladder match. I will be watching the fuck out of that show. Maybe Omega wins the title and holds it until Wrestle Kingdom, where he drops it back to Okada then shows up in the Royal Rumble?

    The news about Shibata and Honma is very very bad. I've been concerned about the future health of both of them for quite awhile because of how they use their heads, looks like the chickens have sadly come home to roost. Not even sure I want to watch Shibata's match with Okada where he almost died after, and I was pumped for that one. Meltzy bestowed it with 5 stars I saw.

  4. Poor Honma and Shibata! Wasn't Shibata's thing there was liquid between his brain and skull? Ugh and I think he wants to wrestle again? No way dude, but he's all about the life. I saw a picture of him partying in his ring gear at his wedding. I kinda forgot Daily Motion has a roku channel and I can find the New Japan stuff pretty easy on it. Like Omega vs Ishii? Oh boy!

    Also NXT is starting to get good again

  5. Whoa just saw New Japan will crown a US Champion at the two shows their doing in Long Beach.

  6. I was watching some Tiger Mask videos on youtube, he's my current obsession. I think most of the character movements and moves in Pro Wrestling for the NES were based on Tiger Mask.

    Still working through WCW PPVs, halfway through Starrcade 1998. It's starting to take a noticeable dive at this point, I find myself fast forwarding through more matches now. I hardly skipped any from late 1996 until now, the booking was pretty great. I hate Sting's red makeup. Looks so terrible. Also hate how they broke up all of the good tag teams and made them fight each other. People are finally booing Glacier just for being there, I don't know what they were thinking with Norman Smiley and Ernest Miller and the other martial arts guys, they're awful. Does Kidman ever stop wrestling in those nasty jean shorts? Kinda surprised at the big push they're giving him at this point, I don't remember that at all. Wrestling in jeans is only ok if your gimmick is like you're straight off the ranch and carry a bull rope. I remember the TV getting unwatchable around this point, I hope the PPVs stay entertaining, I gotta see this through til the end now.

  7. Also, what's up with this sick guitar tone?

    It sounds like a Game Boy Advance struggling with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3.

  8. Hahaha oh boy you're getting into bleak territory there. Out of curiosity I've been watching some random 99 and 2000 WCW stuff. Also John Cena would beg to differ on the wrestling in jean shorts.

    Also some guy on Reddit has been doing write ups of Observers. It's super interesting to read about stuff when I was watching but I was a kid so I was t reading dirt sheets. He's up to 1996 hers a link and you can get to the other years from there too. [url=] [/Observer Rewind]

  9. Was it Starrcade 98 or 99 when Kidman wrestled a triple threat and then a surprise match against Eddie Guerrero immediately after? That was a really good match, or matches. Segment I guess.

    Adam Cole got superkicked out of The Bullet Club tonight, so I imagine he's NXT bound.

  10. @September11th Was it Starrcade 98 or 99 when Kidman wrestled a triple threat and then a surprise match against Eddie Guerrero immediately after? That was a really good match, or matches. Segment I guess.

    That was 98, first match of the night. Kidman beat Juventud and Mysterio then wrestled Guerrero, both matches are solid. I still haven't finished it yet, but they opened with a bang then followed it up with a few garbage matches that belonged on Thunder, until Jericho pulled a decent match out of Konnan.

  11. Yeah oddly enough I'm watching Starrcade 99 which begins with a Disco Inferno body bag match.

    Yeah so Cole is replaced by Marty Scuril. I'm cool with that. But I'd be ok with Bullet Club folding? I think they should have some sort of power struggle between Cody and Kenny.

  12. I guess I don't watch ROH or NJPW enough to have an opinion on them folding, but I could see where it would be getting to be about that time. At least they've kept the numbers in check and it's not 20 middle aged guys leaning on the ropes and trying to look cool wearing sunglasses inside while Nash or Hogan cuts a promo.

  13. 5 weeks ago

    I think I've learned that watching 205 or NXT the week before a PPV is useless, the matches are always the worst. I watched Backlash and that was maybe half cool. Nakamura/Ziggler was good. I like how goofy Breezango are, the comedy elements made that match. The Six Woman Tag was good too, so was Mahal/Orton. Wasn't expecting Mahal to win that one.

    Takeover was much better, best one I've seen yet. Dunne/Bate was great. I actually enjoyed Bobby Roode in the ring vs. Itami, he's growing on me. Women's Triple Threat was excellent, as was the AOP/DIY match, and the following DIY betrayal. Didn't see that coming. Only four matches, but still a super sweet PPV.

  14. Backlash was great. This crew they have now is growing on me. The DIY turn was going to happen at some point but it was done so well at the end. Also they keep in it kayfabe where Gargano's wife Candace La Rae who's also a wrestler released a statement about Ciampa turning. Love it. Crazy to think a couple years ago Ciampa was wrestling in a parking lot in uptown. Looking
    forward to their matches. Women's match was also great women's division has a good future. I like Nikki Cross as an opponent for Asuka. Roode vs Hodeo was better than expected. And I'd be in for a rematch to get Hideo the title. Cool to see Roddy win and be pushed as a real nice white meat babyface. But man oh man that U.K. Title match ugh uhh loved it I love Pete Dunne. He's just the shitty bully kid from a 90's movie. Bad haircut and a Megadeth Youthanasia tshirt. Him just hanging the belt from his teeth is the best.

    Finally Jinder baby! I'm all in. He's kinda a pretty good heel. Very classic 80's heel. But I don't think the foreigner gimmick is working . He should play up the he doesn't deserve it card.

  15. 4 weeks ago

    Dang DDT in Japan did a show in an EMPTY Tokyo Dome!

  16. On purpose? An empty arena match themed card? Because if you're that incapable of drawing, why would you book the Tokyo Dome?

    Speaking of Japan, that show with the Okada v Omega rematch and the Tanahashi v Naito ladder match is in a week and a half or so.

  17. Whoops oh no it was an empty arena card. Like that Minouro Suzuki guy suplexed a guy into home plate.

    Naito vs Tanahashi with a ladder! Oh boy. Also found some dude who does some Kanye inspired Naito shirts

  18. 3 weeks ago

    Extreme Rules was rather disappointing, especially after going to Wrestlepalooza the night before. Kalisto/Crews - ok, would have been better if they had another five mintues.
    Ambrose/Miz - yawn
    Banks & Swann/Fox & Dar - I still don't know why Sasha Banks was even there, but it was all stupid and pointless so I guess I don't care. Disappointing because I like all four.
    Bayley/Alexa - waste of time, terrible
    Hardys/Cesaro & Shock Top - another waste of time, terrible
    Neville/Aries - only good match of the night
    Balor/Samoa Joe/Wyatt/Rollins/Mannequin Reigns - Reigns is a fucking joke. Dude looks like a clone of Chris Cornell, which the scientist raised on steroids and quaaludes, rendering facial muscles or the ability to learn inert. They started the match off with him just standing there, which i think was to piss of the smarks, but most of the match he was lying on the floor resting up for his one thing that he does. I don't even remember who won, but at least it wasn't the Hayden Christensen of wrestling.

    Wrestlepalooza was a blast, Airwolf got over mega big, that kid is going to be a star. He's only 17, and showed up everyone else on the card, except maybe Drago. Aerostar couldn't make it due to visa problems (fyvm, Trump), but Fire Ant was an ok replacement. Joey Ryan and Grado had a great comedy match, and the place went apeshit for Wildcat. Will be at the next one for sure.

  19. He's got one facial expression and it requires no movement of facial muscles but at least he does it w....never mind.

    Saw Samoa Joe won, I really would love to see him and Brock. With that and Money in the Bank on the horizon, might have to re-up with the Network. Not sure if there's much else I care about happening, but the Money in the Bank match is always fun to watch, even if it's just a spotfest. Winning is a really big deal and it's never easy to predict. And Brock vs Joe is kind of a dream match.

  20. Yeah I started watching and it was kinda boring. But glad Joe won! With the brand split I could even see him winning? Who knows Jinder is champ so it could happen, because Brock doesn't really need a belt. But just glad Reigns didn't win. Don't care I still can't stand the guy and Superman Punch is the worst.

    Also you gotta renew your network so you can catch Great Balls of Fire!

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    i should buy this shirt


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