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    I'll use this thread to post updates on the latest editions of the Free Form Freakout podcast series (aka The FFFoxy Podcast) and other related activities. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or if you have any submissions for the show.

  2. FFFoxy Podcast #25 is now available

    Amen Dunes “Older Girls” Spoiler LP (Perfect Lives)
    Cyclops “Untitled #2” The First Year CS (Goaty Tapes)
    Good Area “Side B (excerpt)” French Antarctica LP (Kye)
    The Bibs “Pure Evil” Workers Comp. CS (All Gone)
    Zigtebra “VOLCANO” The Pink Line CS (For Practically Everyone Records)
    Nite Lite “Spelunking” Duets II CS (Tranquility Tapes)
    Twilight of the Century “Hibernation I” Hibernation CS (Tape Drift)
    Sky Needle “Debased Shapes” Debased Shapes LP* (Bruit Direct Disques)
    John Davis “Julian Wind” Ask the Dust LP* (Students of Decay)
    Anton Heyboer “You Can Make Yourself Healthy by Your Spirit” Rules of the Universe 2LP (Kye)
    Federico Durand “Los cristales soñadores” El idioma de las luciérnagas LP* (Desire Path Recordings)
    Idea Fire Company “Tokyo” Postcards LP (Swill Radio)
    Ákos Rózmann “Part II" (excerpt) Images of the Dream and Death 3LP (Ideologic Organ)
    Holly Waxwing “Dolphinpods” Goldleaf Acrobatics CS (Noumenal Loom)
    Yong Yong “Side A (excerpt)” Meet Lord Prince “I” Infinito CS (Goaty Tapes)
    Mark Bradley “Reality” The First and Last Five Years CS (A Giant Fern)
    Warning “021812C” The Master Wave CS (Digitalis)
    Big French “ungungungungone” Downtown Runnin LP* (Wharf Cat)
    The 49 Americans “Tendency To Lie” We Know Nonsense LP (Staubgold)
    Michael Saunders “Dye” Dust – Dye CS (Blue Poles Recordings)
    Ashtray Navigations “Insect Descent Trajectory” Insect Descent CD (Obsolete Units)

  3. FFFoxy Podcast #26 is now available for your listening enjoyment.
    We also discuss during this show the FFFour KMSU release and how you can help us support our station with its upcoming Fall Pledge Drive by purchasing this HERE . We hope you'll consider it.

    Circuit Des Yeux “Some Day” Overdue LP/CD* (Ba Da Bing/Lewis & Lynn)
    Scorched Earth Policy “Too Far Gone” Going Thru A Hole in the Back of Your Head LP (Siltbreeze)
    Mowis “Where Are You” S/T CS (Pangea Alps)
    Matthew DeGennaro “Forty (For Pip Proud)” Chuang Tzu Motherfucker LP* (Soft Abuse)
    Russell Hoke “Weird Rachel” Sailor on the Blue LP (Unheard-of Records)
    Sparkling Wide Pressure “How She Weaves the Tale” Stream Returner CD-R (Analogpath)
    Nathan McLaughlin “Promises” (excerpt) Karen Studies CS (Scissor Tail)
    Delicate Flesh “Anything, You’d Please” Bare of Flowers CD-R (self-released)
    Senza Testa “Tom” S/T CS (Self-Help Tapes)
    Scammers “Planet Earth” Goldrush 2013 Companion Cassette CS (Planted Tapes)
    Gerda Taro “Side A (excerpt)” The First Hundred Years CS (Noumenal Loom)
    The Meets “As A Period In Which Nothing Happens” It Happens Outside LP (My Idea of Fun)
    Dead Neanderthals & Colin Webster “Both Sides Fought Bravely” …And It Ended Badly CD (Gaffer/Raw Tonk)
    Justin Marc Lloyd “Declarative//Interrogative” Anxiety Flood Cont. CS (Rainbow Bridge)
    Graham Lambkin / Jason Lescalleet “CT20 1PS/Rinsing Through the Shingles” Photographs 2CD (Erstwhile)
    .mf “Secular Music of South Minneapolis” FFFour KMSU 10”/mp3 (FFF Bandcamp)
    Nikmis “Sree” Nicht Mass CS (Orange Milk)
    Vales “Side B (excerpt)” Boreal Head Trip CS (Skell)
    Treasure Hunt “Yucky Man” Global Guts CS* (Moon Glyph)
    Ø+yn “Desde el artico se exiende hacia el sur” Tentaculeando a la puna CS* (Taping Policies)
    The No-Neck Blues Band "Illirikum" Parallel Easters 2CD (S@1#)

  4. FFFoxy Podcast #27: Èlg and the Contemporary Franco-Belgian Vanguard

    Introduction by Èlg
    Èlg "Notringo Indigo" La Chimie LP (SDZ Records) - 2013
    Èlg "Armelle" b/w "Rendez-vous au fort de Queuleu" 7" (Le Vilain Chien) - 2007
    Èlg "Haiku Picard" (unreleased) - 2010
    Èlg "Something Big" Les Joyaux de la Couronne: Burt Bacharach CD (Le Vilain Chien) - 2010
    Èlg "U.S. Girls remix" for Kraak Records - 2011
    Reines d'Angleterre "Track 5" Globe et Dynaste CD/LP (Bo' Weavel) - 2012
    Opéra Mort "Minuit Cerceuil" split w/ Decapitated Hed 7" (Spleen Coffin) - 2011
    Naked Hug "Armless and Naked" b/w "Naked and Armless" 7" (Vauva) - 2013
    (Backing track during talking segment: Èlg - Live at Cafe Oto - 2012)
    Ignatz "Certainty" Can I Go Home Now? CD/LP (Fonal) – 2013
    Taulard "Se sortir d'un faux pas" Taulard CS (self-released) – 2011
    Fusiller "untitled track" Les persistences paranoÏaques CS (Tanzprocesz) – 2011
    Orphan Fairytale "Crybaby Needs a Hanky" Ladybird Labyrinth LP (Ultra Eczema) - 2009
    Klaumwald "Styx" Hantasive EP (Opal) – 2013
    Charlène Darling "My Home" Mourning Tooth CS (Les disques de l'oubli) – 2011
    Tenniscoats "Mayotcha Ka" Kumo Koku Do 7" (Hôtel Rustique) – 2012
    (Backing track during talking segment: Èlg - Live in Rennes at L'Atelier d'Aran - 2013)
    TG Gondard "The Phalanx" Avontuur CS (Not Not Fun) – 2011
    Mim "La Mer Néant" As Far As I Compute CD (A1000p) – 2012
    Miaux "Aeronaut" Aeronaut 7" (Ultra Eczema) – 2013
    Bertrand Belin "Le Colosse" Bertrand Belin CD (Sterne/Sony BMG) – 2005
    Plastobéton "A31" Glam Mort LP (Tanzprocesz / Eurochoc Prod) – 2004/2013
    Toad "Bourrée à Solomagne" Toad CD (La Novia) – 2011
    (Backing track during talking segment: Èlg - Live in Rennes at L'Atelier d'Aran - 2013)
    Anne Laplantine "Jeudi" I Send You A MP3 7" (Lexidisc) – 2011
    Tlön Uqbar "Elengassen" La Bola Perdida CD (Staalplaat) – 1999
    Zazou & Bikaye "Signorina" VA – Ritual: Magnetic North CS (Touch) – 1985
    The Dreams "Aloha Miami" Morbido LP (Kill Shaman) – 2011
    Carageenan "Live at Lycaon, Bruxelles" (unreleased) – 2013
    Gael Moissonnier "Aktion #1 (part 2)" (unreleased) - 2012
    (Outro Music: Èlg "Blau Lunge/Sas/Pol Culte" Mil Pluton (Alter) -2012)

  5. listening to ignatz right now

  6. FFFoxy Podcast #28 is now available

    Primitive Motion “Skyline” Worlds Floating By LP (Bedroom Suck)
    German Army “Communion With Form” Last Language LP (A Giant Fern)
    Glass Random “I’m A Criminal” S/T CS (Singapore Sling)
    Amateur Childbirth “Pripyat” Pripyat LP (Disembraining)
    Counter Intuits “Stickin Pins” S/T LP (Pyramid Scheme)
    Angie “Shared Futures” Turning LP (Easter Bilby / Rice is Nice)
    Graham Lamkin “Abersayne” b/w “Attersaye” 7” (Kye)
    Cyrus Pireh & Honduras “Concordia” (excerpt) S/T LP (Shinkoyo)
    Rashad Becker “Dance II” Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. 1 (Pan)
    Seth Graham “Cream Masters” Creaky Clumsy CS (Tranquility Tapes)
    Peninsula “la socarrada” b/w “los hornillos” 7” (Love the Chaos)
    MJ Guider “Two Twenty-Two” Prima CS* (Constellation Tatsu)
    Trouble Books “Stacking Spheres” Love At Dusk LP* (Mie Music)
    Adderall Canyonly “The Witches of Christ” We Are Everywhere At Once CD (Debacle)
    Lens “TG:DG (dub)” (excerpt) Visions Meet Light in the Cult House CS (Field Studies)
    Chalaque "Simple Mathematics" (excerpt) Sounds From the Other Ideology LP (Golden Lab)
    Luciernaga "Land of Four Corners" Land of 4 Corners CD-R (Tape Drift)
    Spencer Dobbs "Paleface" Of Texas CD-R+Chapbook+CD-R (Anahuac Editions)
    The Original Flowering Earth "Side A" (excerpt) Hosshin CS (Cave Recordings)
    Xiphiidae "Side B" (excerpt) Pass Hidingly Seek LP (Aguirre)
    Sindre Bjerga & Micromelancolié "Side A" Anaglyph #1 CS (A Giant Fern)
    The Lost Domain "A Friend of my Brother's Wife" Blondes Chew More Gum 2LP (Negative Guest List)

  7. FFFoxy Podcast #29 is now available just in time to provide the soundtrack to your New Year's party and/or to clear out guests that overstay their welcome at the end of the night.

    The Native Cats “Cavalier” Dallas LP (R.I.P. Society/Ride the Snake)
    Public Speaking “Salesman” Blanton Ravine CD (Fabrica)
    Righteous Acid “Side A” (excerpt) Righteous Acid CS (Space Slave Editions)
    Edibles “Midnight Movie” Other Minds Meet Inner Space LP (DNT)
    DJ DJ Tanner “Untitled” Home Entertainment CS (DNT)
    Row “Tinier Than Description” Strachan CS (Power Moves Label)
    Jay Batzner “Near Burning” Electronic Music Midwest CD (Irritable Hedgehog)
    Clay Cantrell “End of a Day” High On The Gallows CS (House of Alchemy)
    Ben Von Wildenhaus “Bad Mofo” How He Performs CS (Psychic Mule)
    Black Dirt Oak “Demon Directive” Wawayanda Patent LP* (Mie Music)
    Peter Gutteridge “Planet Phrom” Pure 2LP (Xpressway/540 Records)
    The Mausoleums “Causeway” The Tollbooths CS (Chaos of the Stars)
    Astor “Side B” (excerpt) Inland LP (Kye)
    G Sweems "Side A"(excerpt) Treasure Island CS (Noumenal Loom)
    Von Himmel “Cyborg Kundalini” weltraumrückführungsübereinkommen LP (Sloowax)
    Limbus 4 “Dhyana” Mandalas LP (Wah Wah)
    Alice Coltrane-Turiyasangitananda “Rama Rama” Divine Songs LP (Tummy Tapes)
    Sheriff Lindo and the Hammer “Eastern Bloc” Ten Dubs That Shook The World LP (EM Records)
    Giant Claw “Frightmare” Tear In Static CS (Singapore Sling Tapes)
    Marcus Rubio “On Texas Recession” Rooms CS (Prairie Fire Tapes)
    Snailpoison “Ektophormatron" Live in the Hatnhimen Cave CS (Dub Ditch Picnic)

  8. Oh heck yeah! Giant Claw is fantastic, and Singapore Sling Tapes has some pretty great artwork/loves releasing stuff outta Burlington, VT.

  9. Keith is the man! The Orange Milk nexus is always fascinating, and Singapore Sling seems like their Russian brothers in arms.

  10. We moved over to a new Free Form Freakout website

  11. looks really nice!

  12. FFFoxy Podcast #30: Field Hymns feature is now available.

    Field Hymns, started in late-2009 by Dylan McConnell, is a Portland-based cassette label that has put together an impressive catalog of mostly experimental and electronic-leaning sounds. McConnell is a talented artist in his own right. His music under the names Adderall Canyonly and Oxykitten and his graphic design work under the banner Tiny Little Hammers have been central to Field Hymns’ overall look and sound. His music and artwork has appeared on several other notable tape imprints over the past few years as well. We recently had a chance to speak with McConnell about Field Hymns, his design work, and his music, and we aired that conversation throughout this show. We also played a bunch of music from various past, present, and future Field Hymns releases, along with some additional Adderall Canyonly tracks to wrap things up.

    Oxykitten “Msr. Slab” Escape From New Amsterdam CS (FH038)
    Andreas Brandal “Into Something Else” Staying Is Nowhere CS (FH027)
    *Interview segment with Dylan McConnell
    Mattress “Beautiful Moment” Fuck the Future CS (FH039)
    Black Hat “The Lattice and Cormorant” Covalence CS (FH033)
    Hammer of Hathor “Air Pain” Vroom-Psycho CS (FH009)
    Lazercrotch “Space Jizz” Gemini Air Systems CS (FH037)
    PLVS VLTRA “ちょーちょ (with Nico)” Yo-Yo Blue CS (FH035)
    *Interview segment with Dylan McConnell
    Black Unicorn “Temporal Immensities” Traced Landscapes (FH040 *forthcoming tape/Feb.)
    Cane Swords “Le Synchroniseur Luminescent” Temple Swords (FH041 *forthcoming tape/Feb.)
    Scammers “Dave” Cover You CS (FH042 *forthcoming tape/April)
    German Army “Mumbai” Tassili Plateau CS (FH043 *forthcoming tape/April)
    Yves Malone “Eyeball Funk” The Echo People (FH045 *forthcoming tape/mid-to-late 2014)
    *Interview segment with Dylan McConnell
    Adderall Canyonly “We Are Everywhere At Once” We Are Everywhere At Once CD (Debacle)
    Adderall Canyonly “Ruan” Beneath the Crystal Canyon A Spark Remains (*forthcoming tape on Moss Archive)
    Adderall Canyonly “Heavens Bells Have Called Mother Home” Between The Rays Lies Fear… CS (Jehu & Chinaman)

  13. FFFoxy Podcast #31 is now available.

    Father Murphy “Tracks #1 & #3” (simultaneous edit) Pain Is On Our Side Now 2×10”* (Aagoo/Boring Machines)
    Fingers Pty Ltd. “He said…Knuckleduster” Broken Fingers CS (Night People)
    Larry Wish “The Designer” Sometimes I Kimberly Myself CD-R (Soothing Almond Collective)
    Hobo Cubes “Infatuation” Apex Ideals LP (Debacle)
    Beat Detectives “Picture Of A Picture (Extended Void Edit)” Music…About Time CS (Night People)
    Cruudeuces “Laughing In My Grave” The Moon Is Hungry 2xCS (Intangible Cat)
    A Handful of Dust “He Who Eats . . .” From a Soundtrack to the Anabase of St-John Perse CS (Imminent Frequencies)
    .mf “A View From A Hellward Stanchion” Cardboard City CS (Nada/Ripples)
    Phork “Street Furntiture” American Tao CS (Noumenal Loom)
    Brent Naucke “Empress” Transparency 7”* (Notes and Bolts/Catholic Tapes)
    Joel Vandroogenbroeck “Metallic Agony” Biomechanoid LP* (Aguirre)
    Brainticket “To Another Universe” Celestial Ocean CD (Purple Pyramid)
    Krautheim II “Heilglaswater” Die täuschende Optik CS (Dub Ditch Picnic)
    Woven Hare “untitled” Tired Hands compilation CS (Worn Habit)
    Wes Tirey “Morning Hymn” Home Recordings CS (Orange Milk)
    Grow Horns “From the Vantage Point Of Ice” The Grass Cross CD (Centsless Productions)
    Claypipe “The Math of Random Fractures” The Jewelled Antler Library 4CD (Porter Records)
    Cody Yantis “Simple Matters” (excerpt) Resonant Memory CS (Planted Tapes)
    Louis Minus Seize “My Shoes Are More Fashionable Than Your Face” Bird and Bats CD (Norwegianism Records)
    “A” Trio “Mechwar Rayhim Mechwar (Part 2)” Live In Nickelsdorf LP (Roaratorio)
    No Intention “Sound Debris, Pt. 2” Debris Music CS* (Vitrine)

  14. If you're on the Facebooks , follow us throughout this week as we'll be doing giveaways to mark our 9th year of doing Free Form Freakout.

  15. FFFoxy Podcast #32 with David Keenan is now available

    Richard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith “Song For The Spanish Anarchists” from Ceaucescu
    Jandek “I Knew You Would Leave” from Six and Six
    *Interview segment with David Keenan
    Fushitsusha “Untitled (Track #4)” from Double Live
    *Interview segment with David Keenan
    James Ferraro “Memory Theater” (excerpt) from Marble Surf
    Mad Nanna “My Two Kids” from “My Two Kids” b/w “I’m Not Coming Here” single
    *Interview segment with David Keenan
    Throbbing Gristle “Zyklon B Zombie” from The Second Annual Report
    Whitehouse “Cruise (Force The Truth)” from Cruise
    *Interview segment with David Keenan
    Arthur Doyle “Nature Boy” from Plays More Alabama Feeling
    DJ Screw/Street Military “Dead In A Year” from 3 ‘N the Morning Part One
    *Interview segment with David Keenan
    Lou Reed “I Wanna Boogie With You” from The Bells

  16. 3 years ago

    just checked this out, great interview. <3 hard times.

  17. Thanks for checking that out, f&f. I do love those background sounds at Hard Times, especially when the Stones get cued up with impeccable timing.

  18. Not a podcast, but here's an interview with and special mix by the duo Good Area, who have a couple of releases out on Graham Lambkin's Kye label.

    In FFFocus: Good Area interview & guest mix

  19. FFFoxy Podcast #33 is now available

    Mary Guthrie “Strongly Leaning With Irregular Crown” Codiaeum Variegatum LP* (Students of Decay)
    London Sound Survey “Pearly Kings and Queens” These Are the Good Times LP (Vittelli)
    Ferial Confine “Melwood Dialogue” Meiosis CD (Siren)
    Good Area “Bad Karlshafen” Cubic Zirconia b/w Bad Karlshafen 7” (Kye)
    Jaap Blonk “Reading Light (for Raoul Hausmann)” Songs of Little Sleep CS (Sleepy Cobalt Sound)
    Mike Cooper “Noctiluca” New Globe Notes LP* (NO=FI Recordings)
    Matthew P. Hopkins “Nocturne 1” Nocturnes LP (Vittelli)
    Noxroy “Calculus Almond” Anverloss CD-R (Signal Dreams)
    Silk Dune “Sweeping the Round Window” Systemic Crevice CS (Sleepy Cobalt Sound)
    Wondertaker “Aging Backward” S/T CS (vwyrd wurd)
    German Army “Misogyny” T’rung CS (Lighten Up Sounds)
    Marcus Rubio “Duet For Contact Mic & Practice Amp Movement 1” Music for Microphones CD (Copy For Your Records)
    Pye Corner Audio “Dystopian Vector Part One” Black Mill Tapes Volumes 1-4 3CD (Type)
    Emaciator “Side B” (excerpt) Finality and Contradiction CS (Imminent Frequencies)
    No Balls “Not Even” I’m So Happy I Can Die CS (Drid Machine)
    Swamp Horse “untitled” split w/ Husere Grav CS (Existential Cloth Recordings)
    Insects Waiting “Nonsense Code A” (excerpt) Nonsense Codes, Vol. 1 CS (Tape Drift)
    Gang Wizard “Ugly American” Important Picnic LP* (Mie)
    Scrabble “Track 7” S/T CD-R (Breakdance the Dawn)
    Blank Realm “Baby Closes The Door” Grassed Inn LP (Fire)
    Ghost to Falco “The Rude Awake” Soft Shield LP (Infinite Front)
    Flowery Dreamcatcher “Side A” (excerpt) Hen to Pan CS (Cave Recordings)
    Talk West “Set Adrift” Black Coral Sprig CD* (Preservation)
    Seth Kasselman “First Performance” (excerpt) Mmediate Rolls CS (UR Sounds)

  20. how's the new mike cooper?

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