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    Forgive me if the other thread is still floating around. I can't find it.

    Tom Clancy

  2. "Giving your book to Hollywood is like turning your daughter over to a pimp."

    Star Trib piece

  3. Additional R.I.P.s

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  5. Writer/bloke/violent criminalMark 'Chopper' Read, 58 .

    Not since Ned Kelly has an Australian criminal enjoyed such public adulation as Mark “Chopper” Read. Unlike Kelly, Read lived to enjoy his infamy, becoming a bestselling author and the subject of a hit film. The heavily tattooed, garrulous Read, who has died aged 58, blended the swaggering Australian “good bloke” persona with a belief in righteous violence.

    A street thug who claimed to have spent only 13 months out of prison between the ages of 20 and 38, Read learned to read and write in jail and in 1990 began corresponding with a Melbourne journalist, John Silvester. He and his colleague Andrew Rule edited the letters to create a book, Chopper, From the Inside: The Confessions of Mark Brandon Read (1991), about Read’s exploits. Silvester, now crime reporter at the Age in Melbourne, has written: “There is no doubt some of Read’s stories are embellished, polished or, in some cases, stolen, but there is also no doubt that through the 1970s and 80s he was one of the most dangerous men in Australia.”

    Perhaps you saw the film Chopper , starring Eric Bana?

  6. Kumar Pallana, 94 :-(


  7. Good interview here . He certainly had a good backstory.

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    Marcia Wallace, 70.

  9. noooooooooo

  10. Well, the show was teasing the death of another character, but that's pretty harsh.

  11. I never put those two together. Huh. Well, RIP, voice of one of the greatest of Simpsons characters, and she was great on the Newhart show as well.

  12. Kind of funny how one of the more iconic or at least instantly recognizable "lines" from The Simpsons is her "Ha!" when you consider another one is Nelson's "Ha Ha!"

  13. Holy Crap Lou Reed

  14. I hate this.

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  16. awwwww

  17. RIP josh alper, a great santa cruz weirdo musician with a true spark. he died tragically in a bike accident this weekend. incredibly sad, he was a sweet, creative guy.

  18. :(

  19. rusty quarters closing on thursday

  20. Nick Cardy, one of the greatest comics cover artists of any era. He worked on pretty much every DC title of the 60s at one point or another, but probably most well known for Superman, Aquaman and DC's horror anthologies.


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