1. 4 years ago

    I want to get one :(

    This is a parady thread

  2. lets get one together and share it

  3. I need a new one too. my current is beat to shit.

  4. Mine is pretty nice, but mom says I can only use it in my room.

  5. Okay, it's actually my brothers.

  6. I didn't skate so I died.

  7. poseurs

  8. I landed a fakie 360 flip the other day. It felt epic.

  9. -image-

    me circa 2002, age 15. i miss skating. how much does a decent 'complete' cost these days?

  10. I bought a complete from cal surf a few months ago for 120 bux. Apparently Zumiez has good prices on parts and decks.

  11. I was skating with Willis the other day and he landed a backside 180 kick flip. A very awkward but beautiful trick that I can't do.

    Tricks I've been working on:
    Varials and 3 flips
    Fakie heel flip varials
    Nollie 360 pop shove it
    Big spins
    All manner of kick turns and Casper stalls
    Back side lip slides. Terrifying but so satisfying.

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    I can barely shuvit, but I find skateboarding to be a great mode of transport around the 'hood. Every time I go to a skate park I fall hard and it's usually funny.

  13. Some neighborhood kids stole my BABY Skates skate board as it was propped against my building about 2 years ago. I had it setup with the best trucks wheels and bearings when I was in Asheville and actually had a little bit of money. I'd get another one when I get a little bit of cash even though I'm 32 and never got good at it.

    Skateboarding in Asheville is totally illegal around the downtown area. If a cop sees you just standing on one you get a ticket. They have a nice public skate park in town though... it's all to protect the tourists.

  14. I built an awesome brand new complete in Portland and it was stolen from bloodface's garage like 4 years ago and I was pretty bummed. So I took like 3 years off and starting skating with a whole new approach.

    I've been skating on and off for 15 years and haven't hurt myself for like 5 but I've broken around 7 bones and had various head injuries and am taking it rly slow now cause if I get hurt I can't work. If anyone wants to get together and skate safely old man style in always down. My fab local park is Merriam park.

    Anyone been to or seen the documentary skatopia? It's on Netflix and fuking amazing. It's the crimethinc of skateboarding. Also anyone seen the 2013 x-games or street league stuff? Fuckin insane stuff happening in scene right now with mega ramps. Dude landed the first Ollie 720 no grab.

  15. Hm. Not really my style. I'm a loner skater if anything at all. I try to ride to the convenience store and back w/o falling and get called 'poseur'. Skate culture just isn't my thing.

  16. i only really like dropping into bowls and carving the shit out of them at this point in my life

  17. That is sick. I suck at riding bowls cause I grew up just skating stair sets and parking lots. Travism you would skateopia they have some insane bowls ther

  18. skatopia is full of fucking idiots and bros though. not my bag. i like heshers.

  19. however, the bowls are indeed awesome.

  20. Haha yeah bros that's for sure. I don't rly drink or party but am still fascinated by that place. Going to Ohio soon and am gonna try and check it out.

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