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  1. 4 years ago

    Hey friends...I couldn't find any of the good guitar threads, so I'm going to start my own to shamelessly self-promote. Now I'm not hijacking another thread. I will try to post things that I am working on regularly. You can see more pictures on my Facebook page .

    Here are some pics of my most recent build. Thank you all for the suggestions, I've decided to name this model the Andromeda.





    This is going to get a good workout at Nightosaur practice today!

  2. zom

    23 Oct 2013 Doors Fans

    Yeah man that's beautiful.

  3. Very nice. I like the fingerboard inlay in particular.

  4. I'm not a guitar guy so forgive me if I call it the wrong name - the pickguard shape is pure brilliance. Love the name, too.

  5. jesus! again another good looking guitar

  6. fucking beautiful. good work carlax.

  7. The sex

  8. really amazing, kudos.

  9. Edited 4 years ago by YITH

    I want to play that guitar like woah. Good thing we share a practice space. Can we meet, Carlax?

  10. Seriously, that is a gorgeous guitar. Goddamn.

  11. Wow, way to fucking go dude! Excellent craftsmanship.

  12. Unreal. Is that one spoken for?

  13. damn man that thing is solid.

  14. ps is there a new guitar nerd thread or do I have to start a new one?

  15. Thanks for all the kind words.

    Corngrid, this one is spoken for, by me. I have another one of these in the finishing stages now that is not spoken for.

    Manny, pickguard is correct...thanks! Scratchplate is also acceptable.

    The Yith, you're more than welcome to play it. We'll figure out a time.

    Anybody else that would like to play this is welcome to. It'll be my stage guitar, but also needs to function as a display model. If you'd like to sample the merch, please PM me.

  16. can you re-paint stuffs

  17. Can you make anything more punk looking?

  18. Very nice work Carlax!

  19. @vedicardi can you re-paint stuffs

    I can re-finish things. I might choose not to, because it is very time-consuming and expensive and this is all a one man show. If you're serious about it, PM me or email whalehazard@gmail.com

    @trilllife Can you make anything more punk looking?

    For an extra $1500 your brand new Whalehazard Andromeda will be played for two years exclusively by the heavy metal band, Nightosaur. It will fall off of things, smash into things, and get a whole bunch of sweat and beer on it, in a variety of American cities and climate conditions. This authentic, road-worn relicing is second to none, and features a unique level of belt buckle rash.

  20. all carlax has to do to make something more punk looking is wear it.

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