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  1. 4 years ago

    Nobody posts anything on Saturday afternoons.

    It's really effing cold outside.

    I've managed to mimic at home every brunch food I like from restaurants except the really fancy stuff (ciabatta french toast with raspberry coulis, etc), omelettes, pancakes, and fresh hash browns. So I feel like that's what I have to order when I go out for brunch.

    I've been wearing two sweaters at a time for the past three days.

  2. I made slow scrambled eggs with herbs de provence smoked salmon and capers nachos

  3. For at home brunch

  4. Vanilla chai with tons of black pepper in it

  5. Reeses Pieces, some Alaskan smoked salmon and a lowball of Southern Comfort (so far).

  6. Brew Pub Lotsa Mozza frozen pizzas do not justify the 8 dollar price tag.

  7. I don't generally approve of superfluous clothing on animals, but I still really wish our tuxedo cat would let me put a bow tie on him. And a top hat. Just for a sec so I can take a picture (it'll last longer).

  8. @Bicorn Halfelven Brew Pub Lotsa Mozza frozen pizzas do not justify the 8 dollar price tag.

    I like those

  9. It's not bad, I just don't think its worth 8 dollars.

  10. My new sweatpants (first pair I've ever purchased!) perfectly match the heather gray of my Lil' Bub hoodie, which means I have an awesome new Weekend Afternoon Uniform.

    Manny is still sleeping off birthday whiskey, and I am wondering what would happen if I went and adopted a pretty little kitten that's been at petsmart for over a month before he woke up. We can't afford the adoption fee and we'd be over the city limit for cats in one residence and it would fuck up the nice dynamic we have going with our three boys, but she sure is cute.

  11. the onion isn't funny anymore

  12. i totally disagree

  13. i mean i dont read it very often but a few times a year i see current onion articles that totally crack me up.

  14. noted

  15. like this one:

  16. -image-

  17. i miss the print edition of the onion and its crossword puzzles.

  18. I wish Star Tribune would only deliver the Variety section. Speaking of crossword puzzles. And advice columns, horoscopes, human interest articles, and (most importantly) the cryptoquip. The rest of the paper can easily be read online if necessary.

  19. jumble

  20. Asimov’s Super Quiz

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