1. 4 years ago
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    Laser dag christmas:

    Got busted spreading garbage all over the kitchen moments before:

  2. dog on the right w/ stocking cap. my kind of dog.

  3. haha, his name is Dude. He's an aussie shepherd.

  4. He's a fuzzy buddy.


  5. woah, bigger than i thought.

    also he looks slightly dumb/silly, which i like in a dog.

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    Yeah, both dogs clock in at about 70 lbs each. When we blended the household, I was SUPER thankful that they immediately fell in love with each other. Because, that doesn't always happen. But, they're best buds.

    Dude's not as "goofy" as you would think. Just like any herding dog, he has a serious demeanor, but that doesn't stop him from being a total dumbass. Ruby is the class clown.

  7. Dig the dags.

  8. -image-

  9. Cuddle buds.


  10. -image-

  11. Dat's a cute potato! Dags.

  12. recently found out that amyk's wonderful mastiff stella died. loved that dog.

  13. thought this would be a thread about cigarettes aka 'dags'

  14. zom

    17 Dec 2013 Doors Fans


  15. @pitpat thought this would be a thread about cigarettes aka 'dags'

    I thought they were called 'fags' or 'grits' or 'squares'?

  16. -image-

    my dag likes the snow a lot. She also gets horrible diarrhea/puking whenever she eats cat poop, which happened yesterday. I did a lot of shit-scrubbing last night.

  17. ah, the joys of dog ownership.

  18. zom

    18 Dec 2013 Doors Fans

    Odin loves the snow. He really gets more active and happy in the winter, just like me.

    He does not eat any poop.

  19. Dude loves the snow, and with all his hair, can hang out in it. Ruby loves it, too, but becomes overwhelmed with the cold a lot sooner.

  20. One great thing about my old lady moving in has been her dog, Dwight, also moving in. He's such a great dog. Very relaxed, loves to cuddle, a bit of a whiner, but not for food or normal dog things, he whines when we come back home. He just misses us so much. To the chagrin of my GF, he likes me more than her. I've lived with a dog before but have never really considered myself a dog person until now.

    Here he is dressed as a newsie

    And here is the Christmas present I got him. Although I think the lady likes it more than Dwight does.

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