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  2. 5 months ago

    pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Jan 27 Administrator

    @zom I feel so lucky to have randomly found a dog that didn't eat poop, lick weird stuff or his weiner and butt, hump, get boners or any other gross doggie-deed.

    can some dogs put their own weiners in their butts?

  3. zom

    Jan 27 Doors Fans

    @pitpat, Toby Ronnie can some dogs put their own weiners in their butts?

    Because they can.

  4. zom

    Jan 27 Doors Fans

    @orbit He is only 6 mos. old, to be fair. Exploring everything in general.

    Just a pupper, learning the world.

  5. I love my dog BECAUSE she's a dumb, dopey dog.

  6. I have a puppy for the first time ever right now. 7 months so in vet terms no longer a puppy but in brain terms definitely still a puppy. She's doing pretty good though. She knows sit, down, off, mat, and kennel, and she just learned to use a bell attached to the door frame to ask to go outside! So that was an exciting accomplishment. She learned it in only a few sessions. And she's pretty much house broken, though you still have to watch her and let her out a ton. Though I think the bell is somehow helping with that too. Like she feels confident that she'll get to go potty in the right place when she needs to. She really likes people and I can't wait for her to get to play with other dogs who like to play! The cats and Bitsy are definitely getting fed up with her.

    I have no idea what she is. Her proportions and face are pretty Italian-greyhound like, and that's what they said she was, mixed with Australian Cattle Dog. But I don't see the cattle dog stuff whatsoever. Absolutely no herding instinct/behavior, and she's tall and slim and gangly. I think she might be IG/jack russell, based on her markings/size/proportion and general behavior. Girl has energy for days and is a total busybody. It's a trial some days. But good to have something to focus on other than the decline and fall of western civilization.

    My chihuahua Bitsy is now 13 and SO GRUMPY. :'(

  7. Biggest challenge is she likes to play keep away and is not consistent with "come," when outside and wanting to play. Which is scary. But once it's nice out and I can do lots of ongoing posi reinforcement out in the yard I'm confident she'll get it and stop being a punk.

  8. Omggg ib$ where did u get her from??? Pics!!! I work at animal humane society if you ever wanna take her to trainkmg i suuuuper recommend their classes. The animal trainers are so cool and nice and i had really positive experiences with them before i started there. Also if you are looking for any dog stuff like kennels or what else let me know and i could be on the lookout for u!

  9. 4 months ago

    Oh hey girl!! I haven't been on here much! Are you at the GV location? That's where I got Ellen.

    I came back in here because I think Bitsy is reaching the end. It fucking sucks. But the last couple weeks I've been sensing more and more that she's not herself. And now she's losing weight and will barely eat. Oh my god this sucks. I'm going to take her in for a blood test tonight to help me figure out what's up. But I don't think it looks good. I can't stand to watch her "dwindle" as my mom put it and that is what seems to be happening. She still wants to cuddle a bit, but she barely moves out of her bed at all, all day and all night. And now she's getting weak, like to the degree that she seems to struggle to get up one step to get back inside. Only a month or so ago she was running up and down the stairs to the basement. Ugh.

    Sorry just had to vent and didn't want to do it on fb. Any advice/guidance from those who've been here before would be appreciated. I've had many many family dogs but this is my first dog of my own to reach this point.

  10. I'm sorry, babe. That's tough. I have nothing to offer other than a virtual hug and hopes that little doggos gets better.

  11. Sorry, IB. I don't have much else to offer either. This stuff is so hard.

  12. ugh poor Bits she was a good dog

  13. Yeah RIP Bitsy. I loved you with all my heart.

    Her blood work showed her kidneys were failing. We got the call Saturday morning and brought her in to be put to sleep by noon. You could see she was ready and I didn't want her to have even one more bad day. She had a good dinner Friday night and we indulged her with lunch meat, a heating pad, and a nice spot in the sun for her last morning. Hardest thing I've ever done.

  14. Did something similar with my buddy Blake (immortalized in robot form as my avatar) -- could see it was nearing the end, laid him outside in the sun and fed him pasta from Noodles & Company all day, then went to the vet the next morning. It was sad, but as he licked my hand while we were waiting at the vet, I felt like he was saying thank you for all of the years he spent with us, and that felt real good.

  15. zom

    Feb 28 Doors Fans

    We thought Manfred was going to pass at home, we set her up in the back room by the woodburner, slept back there for a few nights, she couldn't move. Finally had to go to the emergency vet at like 9pm one night when she seemed to be suffering more suddenly, it was right after Xmas, pretty terrible process. But at least we held her when they gave her the injection and she didn't struggle or even twitch at all.
    Sorry to all of us that have had to go through this. And we will again as the only bad thing about dags is that we outlive them.

  16. RIP Bitsy. Pets passing, it's the worst.

  17. Edited 4 months ago by jenn

    <3 <3 <3
    ugh. It's the hardest thing ever. It's pretty incredible how much love these creatures can create in this world.

  18. So true. I'm starting to come out of the fugue state I've been in for the last couple days. No longer bursting into tears every time I see something of hers. Fucking sucked though. Thanks guys for sharing your thoughts and experiences! It's good to remember that everyone goes through it (who loves dags).

  19. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Feb 28 Administrator

    putting my dog to sleep was EASILY the hardest thing i've ever done. i was a goddamn wreck.
    it got better, and in hindsight i wish i had done it sooner.
    sucks that doing the right thing is so brutally hard.

  20. so sorry.

    we had to do this in july with our only 5 year old pup after she was found to have a tumor in her heart. last day was spent on the deck eating ice cream. vet at the u liked her so much she brought a bunch of cheese in for her right before.

  21. Positive vibes to you IB. Getting misty over here thinking of our bond with our animals.


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