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    Thought I'd start a new thread pertaining to gear instead of bumping an old, irrelevant one.

    Fellow bass jabronis, I am currently playing with someone who just purchased an Orange 1x15 and is looking to either get another or a 4x10. From there, they are looking at the Terror 1000 head. Does anyone have experience with the latest crop of Orange stuff on the market and have any suggestions or recommendations on what might be good options?

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  3. Dual Showman Reverb '77

  4. Has anyone tried the Catalinbread SFT pedal? I guess it's supposed to model the sound of Ampeg amps from the early 70s. I'm super curious.


  5. oh that pedal looks pretty cool after watching those videos.

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    Got me one of these bad boys for Christ-mass. Still waiting to try it out. Tonight!


  7. Searching for a bass amp head over here...

  8. taco, I haven't heard that one, but all those Catalinbread "amp-flavor" pedals sound really cool to me, particularly the Formula 5 (Blackface Deluxe) and RAH (Hiwatt). Was really close to pulling the trigger on a RAH but ended up with another builder's Supro-flavor instead.

  9. zom

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    I don't get how there is a generic all-around Ampeg sound though. I've had several Ampegs and I couldn't really say that they all had a "sound" like perhaps a Marshall or Hiwatt does. Like there definitely is a JCM800 or plexi sound, but I think even a VT-22 and VT-40 have distinctly different sounds, I've owned and played through both as well as SVTs, B25, Reverberocket etc.

  10. zommy,, I think the link taco posted explains what they were going for (albeit in de riguer pedalmakerspeak)

  11. To me, the "Ampeg sound" is really all about their awesome, awesome reverb, but then again I've only played through a couple models.

  12. zom

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    I did read it and still don't really get it.

    Well if it sounds cool that's what counts I guess. But old Ampegs are still pretty cheap and available. The complaint is usually that you have to dime the things out to get the overdrive, which is true, but there are plenty of good attenuators these days.

    Yeah, the reverb on the Reverberocket is great.

  13. zom

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    Much to airloom's dismay, I picked up a Traynor TS-50 1X12 solid state combo for $75 after I sold him that pedal for $100.
    I wanted a less-expensive and delicate combo amp for Bogge stuff. It sounds great, sweet reverb.. and the overdrive is actually pretty nice for ss.

  14. you ass face

  15. zom

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    butt head

  16. drank a lot of jameson last night and played with that chorus pedal and fretless bass

    boing boing boing boing

  17. Of note, I just picked up a lomo tube preamp

    That was paired with an eq from an old lomo console:

    holy cow it sounds good.
    Used it on guitar, bass, vocals, and drum overdubs last night and this morning.
    you can get em cheap too

  18. Whoa sweet

  19. Ampeg's take on reverb is kind of awesome. I have a GU-12 - now needing some attention due to an issue when the reverb is engaged.

    There is a certain set of tonal characteristics that I've enjoyed out of my B25B's, a set I've found wanting in other amps I've had to borrow or rent, or from overdrives at my disposal. Although I'm still skeptical, what sound clips I've heard seem to approximate what I like about my (7027 tube-powered) amps.

    If I was in another situation where I had to rent a non-Ampeg (or Music Man, as I've recently cottoned to bB Strings') overseas or somewhere where shipping my preferred amp wasn't feasible, I would appreciate being able to reduce whatever grounds I'd have to gripe about using unfamiliar equipment.

    The pedal might still not do it, but I figure it'd be worth a shot.

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    I use a Musicman HD 150 head for bass sounds. I like, but am curious what else is out there... Mr. Cloak plugs me into a mixing board going to a 4 x 12 when we play musics and that sounds good too. I am baritone lately when I play with people.

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