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  2. 8 months ago


    18 Nov 2016 Doors Fans

    If you don't mind buying Chinese, MXL V67N are pretty good for the price. Actually most of the MXL sdcs are decent for the cost. I watch the "Musicians Friend Stupid Deal of the Day" and sometimes you can get MXL mics super cheap. I recently bought an MXL ribbon for $50, and I'm quite surprised how good it sounds on vocals and acoustic instruments.
    When I recorded you guys I used Beyerdynamic M201 dynamic mics, those are really good for the same purpose as a sdc as they too have a very small diaphragm. Speaking of that, I still want to get the files and mixes to you. If you want to schedule some time to come over maybe next month or so I'd love to hand over everything to you.
    I've heard good things about the AKG P170 as well, around $100 each. Everybody has different opinions on this sort of thing, and I'll admit to having probably less super high-frequency hearing due to age, abuse and tinnitus.

  3. Yes, lots of sdcs sound too thin to my ears. Those Beyers sound good but
    I want to capture more of the room. I like Line Audio CM3s a lot. Also like
    the Beyer 930s I've used, but can't quite justify the $$.

    The room mic I use most is a cascade stereo ribbon mic. Quick to set up &
    very thick sounding, in a good way.

  4. Hey anyone want to buy some SM57s? Found mine that I haven't used in 5 years no need to have four sitting in a bag in my basement!

  5. zom

    20 Nov 2016 Doors Fans

    If you want to spend money though, my faves are the AKG C451 models and Schoeps sdcs.

  6. 3 months ago

    I got the wide cardioid CM3s. Love em.
    Off-axis sounds just like on, only further away, so they mix well in multiples.
    The omni OM1 Line Audio makes is really good, too. We'll see how they last!

  7. I just put up a rehearsal recorded with the CM3s if anyone wants to listen.

    2 mics on a big stage about 10 ft from the cello & cornet. Piano was back farther.

  8. -image-

    i bought one of these this week. i really like it

  9. Looks fun. Silver burst rules.

    @patti fundament sounds so good.

  10. zom

    Apr 27 Doors Fans

    Yeah man I love silverburst. Mine's a '79 so it's sort of a greenburst now.

    A while back I bought a matched pair of Rode NT5 mics for super cheap, they've been great for acoustic guitar.

  11. I also have a matched pair of NT5s and they have been the best. Amazing value.

  12. I have an actual greenburst Norma that's a real honker but boy does it look cool.

  13. Zom, what was the power attenuator you used with the VT-22 back in the day? I seem to remember you mentioning it on here and can't seem to find it.

  14. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Apr 27 Administrator

    @Da' Schwaz Zom, what was the power attenuator you used with the VT-22 back in the day? I seem to remember you mentioning it on here and can't seem to find it.

    was it an Altair? i almost bought one when i had a vt22.

  15. zom

    Apr 27 Doors Fans

    Yes it was. I still have it. That was the only option back in '79. I used it with a Fender Bassman 100 as well, worked fine, it didn't damage either amp. Looks like they run from about $50-100.

  16. Rad—thanks! Looks like there is one locally for cheap too.

    The VT-22 is a great powerhouse amp, just haven't been able to dial in a good overdrive without it being obscenely loud.

  17. zom

    Apr 27 Doors Fans

    Cool, yeah they do have a really nice grind when cranked, somewhat Marshallesque.
    But you do need these or similar units to bring the volume down.

  18. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Apr 27 Administrator

    they take pedals so well, too, with all that headroom.
    my tele thru an old big muff never sounded better than through my vt22.

  19. Deleted 3 months ago by junea
  20. Anyone who likes the rode NT5s should check out the gefell m300.
    I had only one for a very long time and rarely used it because I only had one.
    I bought a matched pair (bringing the total to 3) and they've been game changers.
    I think they were designed to be more like KM84s.

  21. zom

    May 3 Doors Fans

    I paid $200 for the pair with the case.
    I'm sure the Gefells are nicer, but they're also $1400 more.


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