upcoming movies for which you are excited thread

  1. 4 years ago

    A Field in England

  2. In before Grand Budapest Hotel.

  3. @fruit&flowers A Field in England


  4. are people really excited to see the Lego movie?

  5. Do the Legos blow up at any point?

  6. they have to. everybody would want to see that. I guess i never really liked legos so that might be why

  7. Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Dance Of Reality

    Abel Ferrara's Welcome To New York

    Todd Haynes' Carol

    Jean-Luc Godard's Adieu Au Language

  8. Brett Ratner's Hercules

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    Aronofsky's Noah looks to be. . .gosh, I just don't know what. Gloriously over-the-top? A career ruining moment? I can't wait.

  10. The trailer for Richard Ayoade's version of The Double keeps lingering with me:

  11. I just love Michael Cera.

  12. lego movie looks tight. what kind of person doesn't like legos? so weird.

  13. I'm pumped for Only Lovers Left Alive. Noah should be crazy. Of course I'll see Budapest Hotel.

  14. I'm taking my kid to see the Lego movie this weekend.

    Next week we have free passes to an advanced screening of the Robocop remake but I am not very excited about it. Especially after re-watching the amazing original last night.

  15. the matrix reloaded

  16. I'm hearing good things about Grand Piano. On Demand as of now.

  17. @fruit&flowers A Field in England

    watched this with doug yesterday, pretty awesome movie

  18. The Zero Theorem

  19. kbollox, I was just coming here to post that! New Terry Gilliam movie, starring the amazing Christoph Waltz. Def excited.

  20. Yeah cool.

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