Name your tribute bands.

  1. 3 years ago

    Dillinger Formula
    Hüsker Döne

  2. The Re-Placemats
    Miceelf (Sly Stone cover band)
    A High Pressure Front of Light

  3. Booze Bros. is my Blues Brothers tribute.
    Emerson, Lake & Chicago, where we will play the hits of ELP and Chicago.

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    The Tribute Band Known as the Tribute Band Formerly Known as the Tribute Band for Prince, The Artist Known as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince

  5. Tribble, my Trouble cover band fronted by a Trekkie in Spock costume.

  6. King Imp - midget Nick Cave impersonator.

    Goddamn, somebody make me stop.

  7. Surf Her Buttholes
    Just In Bieber

  8. The Ventures Cover Band Cover Band

  9. Dread Nugent

  10. Please permit me a moment of political incorrectitude.

    Gay guys as members of a Slayer cover band...


  11. You are a monster.

  12. Quear, a Fear coverband that replaces all the homophobic lyrics with homoerotic ones.

  13. Near Ubu

  14. Quear. I Love it.

  15. Mob Barley, a celtic punk Bob Marley cover band

  16. Pere Near Sandstone

    beardy banjoists covering Pere Ubu songs?

  17. also, I wish I'd been the person to think of T.O.G.P.T.F.F.S.O.T.W.O.T.E.R.A.T.S.Y.O.A.

  18. Three Word Name,

    Emo cover band.

  19. Mobb Barley - grimy Grape Nuts boom bap

  20. A Passage to Bang Cocks

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