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    25 Apr 2014 Administrator
    Edited 3 years ago by tom
    hey everyone,
    We've been working to get our website in to working shape after numerous hacks over the past few years. What we have now is a site that we're incredibly excited about. It comes on the 15th year of existence of the label and we have a lot in store for it. Go to to check it out.

    When we moved the board we were bummed to lose our shows list. It was a great way to capture all of the stuff happening on the board. When we built the new website we wanted to find a way to bring it back. We did. You can go to to see a list of upcoming shows in order from the board. We're pulling content from there and linking those show listings back to the threads if there is one. We're working on inserting an image on to the board to link directly to the shows list versus using the "shows" channel on the board so look for that in the coming week.

    Feel free to send us anything that doesn't work on the site. We vetted it pretty well and will be constantly adding to it all year.

  2. aaaaaaaaaaand added to google calendar

  3. tom

    25 Apr 2014 Administrator

    killer! I figured some people may want to do that it.

  4. Looks good!

  5. Thanks Tom and pm and Percy miracles and bob

  6. pm2004

    26 Apr 2014 Administrator

    Yeah, we're pretty happy with the new site and being able to bring together the messageboard shows in a chronological order. Thanks for your patience everyone.

  7. I look forward to being able to use this feature as both patron and performer.

  8. This is great! Thanks mr dudes!

  9. It's 'whet' your palette. Not 'wet'.

  10. And the phrase is usually 'whet your appetite' but no one really gives a shit anyway

  11. Huh

  12. Awesome.

  13. Black butt plug

    On the front page

    Stick it in

  14. This is great. already in my google calendar. Thank you!

  15. great to see all the show's in order

    one thing
    looks like there are two shows at the KCK on Monday
    hope that is not the Klub's mistake other wise this will be a pretty interesting show

  16. tom

    26 Apr 2014 Administrator

    Oaks is definitely not at the KCK on Monday. I'll fix that. Thanks for the heads up @kevlar

  17. Let me restate...
    THis is so great. very awesome. supremely supreme.
    merci beaucoup!

  18. tom

    26 Apr 2014 Administrator

    Thanks @get out ! When we got the new board and lost the functionality of the shows section we were bummed. We were in need of redoing our entire website but this was one of the big prompts for us.

  19. how do you add the whole thing to google cal?

    nice work guys, thanks a lot!

  20. Yeah this totally rules. Thanks Tom!

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