10/31 - Slowdive - Fine Line

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  2. Oh nice. But why the Fine Line? Boo.

  3. I heard thru the grapevine that they have (or will soon) made several improvements to sound / sightlines / etc, curious to revisit

  4. Interesting. We were just there Thursday for The Budos Band and I noticed no improvements.

  5. might not have happened yet :)

  6. Even though the Fine Line is a total bummer - I'm pretty excited.

  7. I'll go. Saw them open for Ride in 92 and they were incredible.

  8. tom

    15 Jul 2014 Administrator

    I'm going to see them in Chicago this weekend and will report back. Very excited to see them but feeling like this year's Pitchfork Fest is even less interesting than expected with everyone good playing in town soon or canceling.

  9. Holy shit! I am gonna be there for sure.

  10. Very nice

  11. lovin' the lego hair!

  12. hah thats nice ive been jamming just for a day a bunch since the snow melted. 17 year old me suck my dick

  13. anyone know when this goes on sale?

  14. http://first-avenue.com/event/2014/10/slowdive

  15. will this sell out? I wish I hadn't sold my things of this band.

  16. their records got repressed not too long ago

  17. damn that video on the First Ave event page is sick

  18. Savage where did you see Slowdive open for Ride ? That's amazing

  19. I'm freaking short and not so crazy about the Fine Line so I might spring for balcony seats.

  20. @SunTzu Savage where did you see Slowdive open for Ride ? That's amazing

    First Ave mailroom, second Ride USA tour. Saw the first one with Lush a year earlier.
    Seriously, Slowdive were about six times better than MBV.

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