10/31 - Slowdive - Fine Line

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  2. 3 years ago

    lol my friend said this when I told him about not wanting to go down town etc:

    yeah but if like a violent bro saw slowdive for even 2 seconds they would implode, like a force field around the fine line

  3. should I reconsider biking to this?

  4. not sure if I can penetrate a wall of bro zombies and other hooliganisms

  5. @corngrid from your house you could probably take public transit pretty easily. I'm not sure if that's better or worse, though.

  6. We were discussing that last night. I could see the train being super obnoxious, especially going through the U area.

  7. yeah, I've pondered the this drunken bro matrix and concluded that barring percipitation I'm pretty much always happier if I bike. Just don't want to get jumped.

  8. the bus on Halloween omg u are gunna get stabbed and someone is going to cough inside your stab wound

  9. bus is different.

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    Last-minute bailout by my usual partner in crime means I have a ticket to unload. Is there anyone willing to take it off my hands? Send me a private message.


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  12. Ticket claimed. Killer.


  14. This show sold out the 9:30 club so fast... didn't get to see them

  15. Had a great time. I don't know their material as well as many of you, but I was struck by how well they work a genre that is easy to copy, but deceptively hard to do well.
    Boo to people squatting reserved tables.

  16. We arrived early and were able to keep our spots way up front. The upside, I was able to see the entire time. The downside, the sound isn't as good there. It was very hard to hear the vocals. And since it was a sold out show I had visions of being crushed to death against the railing. Death by shoegaze would be quite a way to go. But they were in fine form (and have aged remarkably well).

    On the way to the Fine Line the Warehouse District was calm and quiet. On the way out I was appalled, as I knew I would be. Unreal how many pants-less Halloween costumes we saw in 21 degree weather.

  17. Fine Line sucks. But good show! Never noticed how much their vocals sound like Low until last night. Saw some dudes pickpocket a guy's phone and a get in a fight at the bus stop too. Spooky!!!

  18. tom

    1 Nov 2014 Administrator

    I paid $10 to park at the lot next to Washington so I didn't have to deal with the crowds. It was worth it. The line of cars backed up on Hennepin looked horrendous and will be the deciding factor against seeing the wolves tonight.

  19. Yeah, we took light rail down because we didn't want to drive through that. But then we had to deal (thankfully briefly) with the crowds on the way out.

  20. 3 months ago

    tonight... haven't been to palace yet

  21. Fun show last night. Felt like an old school MRMB reunion. And the Palace is gorgeous. Wish it had been there when I was in high school, or when I owned a house near downtown St Paul.


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