KFAN thread that works

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  2. 2 years ago

    are those real people?

  3. I think these are "Minions"

  4. i like how it's just all of them 'shopped in together, like there is no way they are all going to pose for a picture next to each other.

  5. @garyburrito I think these are "Minions"

    Meatsauce looks like a James Bond villain's henchman.

  6. not only photoshopped into a group but am i crazy or do their heads look photoshopped onto their bodies?

    common's committment to that hat is amazing

  7. Due to MPR member drive I was forced to tune into the fan on the commute today and the four minutes I listened to were just Hawkey trying to think of the movie title, "Princess Bride". Absolute nails on chalkboard stuff.

  8. I fucking love this shit.

  9. that's kinda better? but i can't take myself away from that KFAN picture...those guys are the human equivalent to the gross food pictures that women take for meals they made their "hubby"

  10. I just paged through photos of every morning crew in the city and you're right. The KFAN bunch is especially remarkable.

  11. haha whoa you must've really wanted to punish yourself this morning

  12. My new job has brought my commute from 40ish minutes to 5-10 minutes. It means a lot less time listening to local radio. I am so grateful I don't have to drift into listening to Barrerio anymore. I have begun to hate him more than Joe Soucheray.

  13. the wonderful world of podcasts thankfully let's me listen to what i want instead of trying to choose which morning radio zoo crew is the least racist to listen to.

  14. that Soucheray leather jacked popped collar shot is really all-time

  15. there's a big billboard north of the TC that his him on there with that photo. They are trying to make him look like a badass BUT HE'S JOE FUCKING SOUCHERAY.

  16. More like Doucheray, correctomundo?


  18. haha yeah that's the one

  19. 4 months ago

    The Maestro of Pickle Park, G.B. Leighton, is on Common right now.

  20. haha P.P Leighton.

  21. I saw this in person. Was brutal


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