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  1. 3 years ago

    HEY, gurlz (WTFs.) I know you're all a bunch of bad-asses, and I love you SO much. I want to do a few polo workshops for you gals who might be sitting around and waiting through winter for your first-love cycling seasons to begin. This is in brain stage, and I'd love your feedback on if there is interest. What Minneapolis Bike Polo has to offer is an indoor space that is heated to tank top and shorts degrees, and a babe willing to show you the ropes (me.) PLUS, we have bikes and mallets and bawlz, and all the stuff you need to get started except for you. Please let me know if there is some interest for this. Thanks! You can comment below or PM me.

    This is WTF focused. There will be other opportunities for you dudes, and I'll keep you posted for those things. Thanks!

  2. this sounds awesome. I would injure myself but my sister is very truly athletic triathlete- will let her know- her bro in law does the bike polo also.

  3. Polo upped my bike handling skills more than any other cycling discipline. I highly recommend it to anyone, even if playing bike polo isn't your deal. The skills learned translate universally, and I find, make women (everyone) waaaaaaaaaaaay more confident in technical ability.

  4. I'm guessing I'm not a WTF, but I have long been interested in trying bike polo... despite (or maybe because of) the fact that I've never even watched a live match so much as played one. So anyways, if y'all are trying to get more recruits of all genders then consider me on board. If I can find the time.

    Oh, I think I figured out what this WTF stands for. Is that more of a bicycle community thing that I'm not hip to? Wouldn't it be better to swap letters around, like WFT, so people aren't initially confused? But I'll wager I'm not the first to bring that up so you can give me a big STFU if you want.

  5. Way Too Feminine?

  6. Women trans femme

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    There are lots of opportunities to play regardless of gender, I'm just focusing workshops that are WTF specific as there are people who feel safer in that environment.

    Otherwise, we play pickup every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. We have lots of bikes and other stuff you need if you want to come try it out!

  8. -image-

  9. Oh wow I didn't realize y'all played that often and pickup is open to complete novices. That's almost daunting, I was kind of assuming/hoping you meant someone would be doing a workshop for duderinos too.

    And I wasn't trying to suggest the WTF focus was unfair or anything. I've noticed those nights at Cycles for Change in the past (which is why I was wondering if it was a biker thing to use that acronym) and I understand the reason is because some feel more open and safe.

  10. 2 years ago

    New bike day! I'm so stoked to build up this super sexy All City Thunderdome for the track. My team is amazing.


  11. Psst jenn.....not to be a killjoy but they forgot the wheels :(

  12. Hahahaha

  13. Frame frame frame frame frame

  14. I got the bits, some pieces, and other things on their way. This is how all my bikes start. GOD, I'm excited to slay on this.

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    This is a stupid question and I don't know the right words so please forgive me. Someone gifted me a bike that rides really nicely EXCEPT the seat sometimes just slides down. Something is up with the mechanism you use to tighten the seat post in place (I don't know the name). If I tighten it REALLY hard it's fine, but it takes way more effort than it ought to, and if I have a heavy backpack or ride on any not-perfectly-smooth terrain it eventually shakes out of place. What do I do? I have an old bike I could harvest parts off but I don't want to go to the storage site unless I know that is likely to do the trick. It seems like I shouldn't need to bring the bike to a shop... I just don't know anything and haven't had the time/energy to look it up or figure it out.

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    Perhaps just replacing the seat collar/seatpost clamp will help (that's the little clampy thing you're tightening.) Also, make sure you have the right seat post size for the seat tube. (the seat post is what your saddle is clamped onto, and the seat tube is the part of the frame it slides into.) A quick look from your surly neighborhood bike mechanic at your favorite shop will yield all the answers you need! :)

  17. This is handy to have around!


  18. I replaced my bottom bracket, crankset, and chain yesterday. Really looking forward to my commute tomorrow morning.

  19. spoke nipple lol

  20. police issue warning after cyclists randomly attacked in mpls

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