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  2. 2 months ago
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    YO, open to suggestions:

    should I get a Kona Jake the Snake?

    I want something fast and aggressive, good for training both sprints and long distance, good for road racing IF I decided to do that, but I am more committed to racing CX on it, so clearance for bigger tires is a must.

    I AM on a budget. I'm selling my CrossCheck, and that will help cover costs, but ideally, I want to stay under $2k. I'd also be open to buying just a frame and building it up, but a complete bike would be preferred. I like Shimano groupos. Um... I'm happy to answer any other questions.

    I get a pro deal on Kona and Felt through my team's sponsors, but I can also get pro pricing at Q.

  3. the big tire clearance mixed with the lightweight aluminum with carbon fork seems to be a good transition. Not full on committed road bike but like a good in between more favoring the speed/lightweight then the crosscheck does.

  4. I definitely want something more aggressive/race specific than my crosscheck. I think I'll lean towards gearing up for cx, considering I have another winter until road crits are a thing again. I think with a carbon or aluminum cx racing frame, I can train on it like a road bike.

  5. Foundry makes some siq shit, but dang... $$$!

  6. Well yeah. The Colnago World Cup might be a good option. That bike is sick.

  7. Really tight geometry high bottom bracket frame for trouncing through the potential muck.

  8. @DustyClaws Well yeah. The Colnago World Cup might be a good option. That bike is sick.

    Very sick. Colnagos look so... DOUCHEY though, which is the same reason I don't ever really consider cannondale. lol not that I would kick one out of bed, though.

  9. @DustyClaws Well yeah. The Colnago World Cup might be a good option. That bike is sick.

    UGGGG and it has shimano 105, duuuuuuuuuuuude this bike is rad.

  10. Haha there could be some perceived douche factor but I wouldn't sweat it. I like the bike but also like a lot of
    Cannondales. The two bikes are pretty comparable though. Time for some test rides!

  11. are you looking at the aluminum jake?
    i had a scandium bianchi for years and it was fast and light. you would be fine racing road on a cross bike with road tires. plenty of guys do it while running a single ring. while the foundrys are nice my guess is they are heavier and not as quick feeling based on the one titanium bike i have had. there is a guy selling a foundry auger canti version with rival on it basically brand new for $1000 50cm. i am planning to take it for a ride but am planning to hold out for a steel cross bike. i would guess you arent going to find a better deal than what you can get that jake for and you could get that and find a deal on some nice race wheels and it would be pretty nice.

  12. if anyone is looking for a very a small salsa casseroll that has s&s couplers, campy 10spd, and a backpack to put the bike in let me know

  13. How small?

  14. the official size is 47cm but it is probably more like a traditional 50cm

  15. My bike fits me perfectly, it's a 50cm. So I'm interested. Can you pm me with deets/pic? Thanks!

  16. I am also hella interested in this bike. I tried sending a pm but not sure I did it right!

  17. @lobster cock @Vanessa

    47cm salsa casseroll with s&s couplers
    currently built with
    campy centaur 10spd deraillers
    campy bar end shifters
    fsa gossamer compact crankset (170)
    soma sparrow bars
    dura ace seat post
    ritchey wcs wheels
    s&s soft bag
    full geometry
    s&s couplers installed by erik noren. bike was repainted after and has some scratches care of tsa.-image-
    also have rack and panniers if interested

  18. my pms are definitely not working right so @fildrummond if you see this shoot me an email -

  19. Deleted 2 months ago by lobster cock
  20. I'm good, thanks fil!

  21. 8 weeks ago

    Rode through shallow water full of tadpoles & minnows
    yesterday. It's only a matter of time before hubs on my
    new bike are fully submerged.


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