Cool Books @ The Library

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  2. 2 years ago

    The giant public library in DT Minneapolis.


  4. Go north hennepin and head for the glass spaceship

  5. The library that exudes awesomeness because I'm all up in here.

  6. I just helped "Fancy Ray" McCloney , sometime Scott Seekins comes in. This place is just bursting with celebrities!

  7. @sonicfreak Do you want to learn Esperanto? We got you covered.

    Danke por interesigi tiujn librojn Sonifreak!

  8. Vi estas bonvena. Neniu problemo!

  9. Ghay'cha', tlhIH...

  10. Edited 2 years ago by sonicfreak

    Look what I just found!

  11. We have a number of books on album cover art and such.

  12. -image-

    Already posted this to twitter, but @sharyn 's book idea took off.


  14. 7 months ago
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    You guys should come in here and read this microfiche!

  15. omg werewolf cop

  16. 2 months ago

    Dude, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is hiring a librarian.

  17. in Cleveland!

  18. Everyone keeps telling me about this.

    Too bad the plan is to retire in six or seven years and move to Vermont.

    Not Cleveland.

    Oh wait, I will never be able to retire cause, health care and all? Oh yea... forgot about that.

    We have this book:

  19. @warsawpactarmor Did you see that movie about Mesopotamia? It was rated Ur.

    I laughed.

  20. Edited 2 months ago by sonicfreak

    Cleveland had Pere Ubu so its got that going for it...

  21. @Bicorn Halfelven I laughed.

    I have no recollection of making that post. As a joke generally, I give it at best a C-, and that's generous. As a niche Mesopotamia pun, it's a solid B.


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