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    14 Feb 2015 Doors Fans

    Nah it's more of a bummer than that.

  3. I listened to Red Barked Tree this morning for the first time in a while, great record

  4. @zom Never talk to Flour about his experience with one of the members.

    oh man i am just foaming at the mouth for these tasty gormay tidbits.


  5. shit. I'd totally go see them play in Detroit or Philly, but that's around the time yoni yum is going on tour again. maybe we should work our tour around seeing them lol

    I listen to 154 all the time. excited to know there's a new album comin

  6. Does anyone have the new Document and Eyewitness reissue yet?

  7. One Two X-U! Also, I just finished season 2 of The Wire. Gee, Omar's great.

  8. I have not had a chance to listen yet but you can stream the new one here


    Advanced word is that it is "good"

  9. Also, turns out they are playing Chicago, they are hosting their own festival there, with JSBX, Ken Vandermark, Disappears, and obv Wire, playing among others, looks cool

    DRILL Fest

  10. Julian Lynch is touring with Wire in June!

    Dates with Julian Lynch as the opener:
    6/2 - Cambridge MA at The Sinclair;
    6/3 - Brooklyn NY at Music Hall of Williamsburg;
    6/4 - New York NY at Bowery Ballroom;
    6/5 - Philadelphia PA at Union Transfer;
    6/6 - Washington DC at Black Cat;
    6/7 - Pittsburgh (Millvale) PA at Mr. Smalls Theater;
    6/8 - Cleveland OH at Beachland Ballroom;
    6/9 - Detroit MI at Majestic Theater;
    6/10 - Louisville KY at Headliners

  11. I was able to listen to about half the record this morning, really good, seemed very much in line with the last few

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    Listened to the first few songs. Nice. Wish I could go to the festival in Chicago.

  13. I was kinda underwhelmed but there were a couple tunes toward the end of the album that stuck out. Maybe it'll be a 'grower.'

  14. @Drinkwater I was kinda underwhelmed but there were a couple tunes toward the end of the album that stuck out. Maybe it'll be a 'grower.'

    I had the exact same reaction.

  15. last year

    There's a new ep (? mini-album? album?) thing out called Nocturnal Koreans and it is pretty good. I also listened to Wire again and I still like it.

  16. Funny, I was just thinking "I need to get that new Wire record" earlier this morning.
    I like everything I've heard so far. No surprises, just good.

  17. 4 months ago

    Damn, there's a new album out already?
    New song I heard is good.

  18. Yeah new record and they are doing another Drill Fest this time in LA

  19. Figures. I'm going to be in Berlin less than two weeks after Drill Fest there, which they are also playing.

  20. 6 weeks ago

    Saturday Sept 16 @Metro in Chicago. Tix on sale tomorrow.

  21. Dang, I'll be in Chicago at Riot Fest. I'm worried about the timing working out. This is one of those times I wish the band would go on late, like 11:00 PM at least. But it says doors 7:00, show 8:00. Wonder if any opening bands... Hmmmmm. Love me some Wire.


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