Strange Days Mono Vinyl Reissue for RSD

  1. 2 years ago

    just heads up for the Doors heads on the board.

  2. I'm Fucking Excited

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  5. Yeah this rules

  6. Edited 2 years ago by Slee ZZ

    Are you guys being serious? Because I do actually like the Doors, and I might have to check it out.

    How ungodly expensive is it, though?

  7. I might as well just melt down my stereo reissue from '74 right now.

  8. Sleez - $25
    Yes I'm being serious the Doors rule in mono
    Finn throw it in the trash

  9. this record is top fucking notch

  10. It's not quite the day/night mind-blow that the mono vers of the first record is but it's a fascinating alternative nonetheless

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  12. Pretty sure my amp has a "mono" button.

  13. I think that gives you mono, that's why I never use the restless leg syndrome setting on my stereo

  14. i have a Marantz receiver that is so old, there's a 'dropsy' switch

  15. Magma is always saying "you gotta hear it on the croup"

  16. @Finn McCool Pretty sure my amp has a "mono" button.

    that's not how it works dude

  17. 10 months ago

    I guess the mono mix of Waiting for the Sun was just a fold-down and the only dedicated mono mixes are of "Wintertime Love" and the "Unknown Solider"/"We Could Be So Good Together" single.


  18. I listened to the mono Strange Days & first record the other day still so good!

  19. I would love to borrow that from you sometime.

  20. Ew and share needles? GROSS

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