my life as written by sleaford mods

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  2. 2 years ago


    fuck fuck fuck stuck
    in traffic on 55 firetrucks make all dead stop
    fuck late stuck stuck by


    feet pound just past my skull shit
    are those my tits am I that fat
    fuck mumble teacher in the


    all i can hear is when the sweat
    shorts out your bluetooth i am
    old and deaf middle age on stage in the


  3. sleaford mods is a terrible, humourless band

  4. zom

    25 Apr 2015 Doors Fans

    Oh so you only like funny bands now?

  5. he's only into hearing the right stuff™

  6. ^

  7. Edited 2 years ago by fecundstump

    i'm thinking that for everything i do now i'll describe the genre as The Right Stuff™ so if people think it sucks no fans can retort with that

  8. ya man, give em the Tom Wolfe Treatment!

  9. Edited 2 years ago by the Classical

    Oy you think it's humorless mate?
    I suppose not all music can be bougie geezers
    Playing farty fake doo-wop with mediocre guitar solos cannit?
    Now that's proper entertainment!

  10. I don't get it.

  11. I really want to write one about the horrid stench I just encountered in the bathroom, but I don't think I can top "Liveable Shit".

  12. last year

    Still enjoying Sleaford Mods a hell of a lot, they
    are more popular now but pretty much the same.
    Their production is quite fancy & good, too.

    Kate Tempest occupies the same space for me,
    great & up to date british poetry.

  13. 11 months ago

    Bump because please

    Need brexit comment
    Oh you forgot that
    Because T-rump and rio
    Fuck did fatherhood mellow
    The mods i dunno

  14. 6 months ago

    My sister (whose musical taste is, at its most obscure, largely determined by The Current) just texted me a link to a Sleaford Mods song on YouTube and then sent the text "Annoyingly British Lifter Puller?"

    She's not wrong.

  15. @zom Riding the fucking 21a twat-bus
    Can of Grain Belt Nordeast hidden drink fucking stinks here more beer
    Back to fucking Hopkins shit oh fuck maybe I'm Craig Finn

    The math checks out.

  16. 2 months ago

    Definitely better lyrics than the boring LFTR - P

    I like how they record while the videos are being shot, too.

  17. Musically they have nothing to do w lftr pllr, they are a rap group really

  18. I hear a lot of John Cooper Clarke in his delivery sometimes, could be a coincidence though

  19. I like these guys a lot. To me it sounds like a weird mix of Crass, Le Tigre, and a bit of Dick from Subhumans

  20. Agreed about Clarke, magma.
    They each have a kind of happy-to-be-pissed-off delivery.

  21. cooper clarke plus some fall. i do not know anything abt l.pllr, do they have beats?

    also i really enjoyed re-reading these. i am still feeling Yoga Mirror.


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