where's that metal thread?

  1. 2 years ago

    anyone else really into Camaro metal??

  2. I had a Cutlass Wagon back then. And a Monza after that.
    Only the preppy kids had Camaros.

  3. camaro metal is kinda shitty. like a mix of motley crue and tank. definitely not cool.

  4. summer = heavy metal, traditional/old school death metal, thrash, speed metal
    winter = black metal, blackened death, doom, dark ambient

  5. my uncle had a camaro for a minute.
    He jammed Fine Young Cannibals and Bruce Hornsby.

  6. just hop into that Camaro w/o opening the doors and flip on your wrap around shades. spf 55 and orange cargo shorts. cooler full of coors.

  7. Weren't Tokyo Blade a NWOBHM thing?

  8. i mean "TECHNICALLY"

  9. lol u guys are getting too stuck on the Camaro part. just sit back and enjoy the riiide.

  10. Here is some pre-Atco Loudness. . .

  11. now that's what im talkin bout

  12. I don't know if that fits, but I loved that record at the time.

  13. hahah no it's perfect.

  14. Prolly a little more on the hard rock side. . .

  15. . . .but some classic Gillan screams.

  16. Too late for July 4th but a good summer jam. . .

  17. hahah no you totally get it.

  18. this is just speed metal but I love it

  19. AHHH hahha

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