Unfolding Joys of Home Ownership PT. II

  1. 2 years ago
  2. Sounds like you won't get a visit from Santa if you knock it down

  3. already on the naughty list

  4. zom

    28 Sep 2015 Doors Fans

    Why do you want to get rid of it?

  5. There's lots of code issues with chimneys, so be careful.

  6. Like a secret handshake or hieroglyphics.

  7. zom

    28 Sep 2015 Doors Fans

    I'd check to see if the chimney is a supporting structure, if it's in the middle of the house.
    I have the original coal converted to oil and then to gas furnace. Still works fine, though it is huge.

  8. zom

    28 Sep 2015 Doors Fans

    Well if it's on an outside wall it might not be a problem.

    When we bought our place some 24 or so years ago, the guy from NSP as it was called then, checked out the furnace and said that though it wasn't the most efficient, that it would probably not break down and that at the time, it would take close to 20 years for any savings to be made as the new furnace and ducts would have been about $6000. So we kept it. I've been able to fix it myself. It does keep the place warm, winters are about $200/month for gas. It is huge, but looks kind of cool. I'd like a new one someday, but man.. $$$

  9. zom

    28 Sep 2015 Doors Fans

    Yeah man that's a lot of weed.

  10. The previous owners of our house removed a chimney in the middle of the house, and they apparently didn't need a permit to do it. I don't know any other details beyond that.

  11. This is Murica u can do whatever u want to your own property.

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