1. 2 years ago

    I am going to blow up the house and move to the fucking moon.


  3. -image-



  4. One thing that happens to me regularly as a
    book buyer going through boxes of books:

    Spiders crawl up my arms into the ears. Don't
    know why they go for the ears but they do.
    Sometimes both arms at once if it's a box full of spiders.

  5. i have never heard of a centipede launching an air attack before. now i must remain extra vigilant.

  6. This was clearly an act of aggression by the Democratic Republic of Nopeistan.

  7. Spiders crawl up my arms into the ears. Don't
    know why they go for the ears but they do.

    Because they're assholes, I reckon.

  8. A few years ago, I sat down to work at my job and finally got around to taking my shoe off to fix one of those weird, uncomfortable creases you get sometimes with those thin dress socks , only to find that it wasn't a sock crease, but rather a huge centipede clinging to the top of my foot since I had left the house that morning.

  9. "Thanks for the ride, buddy!"

    I, for one, welcome our new arthropod overlords.

  10. just saw a mouse
    eating a tomato
    at the garden
    of the YWCA

  11. No no no

  12. Also, insecticide, bleach, or an open-minded cat works

  13. -image-

  14. Do they actually eat spiders? Because if so, I hate them even more. Spiders, as long as they aren't venomous, keep to themselves, and don't mind if I destroy their webs when they get in my way, I have no problem with.

  15. The type of scorpion they have in Arizona goes on ceilings, and sometimes fall. And their venom is a lot worse than what's in most of the Cali desert. I read one story of a woman who had a mother with a bunch of babies on its back fall on her from the ceiling while she was in bed. So you're doing nothing and the next second a bunch of baby scorpions and one adult one are all over you going nuts. #Arizona

  16. 'pedes and spiders are at constant war with each other. Fortunately they also take out every other insect in the house.

  17. While reading an article about the scientific basis of the creatures in the Tremors movies, it prompted a search for these: Bobbitt Worm

    They are horrifying and I'm glad they live underwater.

  18. My house is filled with sprickets


    and the wolf spiders that eat them.



    Though sometimes, they eat themselves! If they can't find enough to eat, they've been known to eat their own legs.

    One wolf spider was hiding under a halloween mask my husband had dropped on the floor in our carriage house, and when he picked it up there was a whole pile of dead bugs he'd accumulated.

    I've only found one centipede. Millipedes, however, are in abundance.


    The daddy long legs seem to have retired for the season, but they used to occupy our back porch and hang out on all the baseboards around the house.


    The katydids and walking sticks are cool.



    These are not. I found one on our cellar door this spring.


    I finally ordered one of these because I'm kind of over it.


  19. I should write for Buzzfeed. That was really dumb. Sorry.

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