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  2. 4 months ago

    @stu I find that the clothes buyers at Everyday People on Selby get stuff that I like, so I just stop in every couple of months. It's also not an overwhelming selection, so if I can usually tell if there's something I want within a few minutes. I rarely vintage clothes shop, or antique shop looking for something in particular. That can be frustrating.

    I like that store. I rarely find things i like/can afford, but i do sell there from time to time.

  3. Yeah, they are a bit more expensive. But I don't buy that much, so it's not too big of deal for me. I also think they buy stuff that is in good shape. I got a pair of slate gray Armani jeans there for $15. It's not like I covet Armani jeans, in fact I didn't realize that what the brand was, but they are awesome.

  4. Ironically, i sorta like strolling around malls, too. Never buy stuff tho.

  5. +1 for Everyday People. That place rules.

  6. #microaggression

  7. Mrs. Freak and daughter Freak get most of their clothes at ARC Value Village or other similar thrift shops. I can't believe the stuff they find. I buy a pair of black jeans once a year at Schatzlein Saddle Shop and call it a day. Every once in awhile I pick up new socks or manpanties. A T-shirt here or there. I hate shopping. I got a gift card for $50 for Macy's two Christmases ago and I still have not spent it, and it is free and a couple blocks from work. I just hate shopping. Now they are going out of business so maybe I should go use the gift card.

  8. That's the only spot I really do used clothes from these days

  9. I like wandering around the mall. Also, I like soft pretzels.

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  13. @junea #microaggression

    Lol this was for arby

  14. zom

    Mar 4 Doors Fans

    Check out the 1984 me, vintage 60s shirt and corduroy trousers, 1960s frames, and the most unfortunate icing on the urinal cake, my brand-new Big White Reeboks. Man they felt good after years of pointy-toed 60s shoes, monkey boots and engineer boots.


  15. @sonicfreak and a couple blocks from work

    Not anymore.

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    Guys I wear blue jeans all day every day. T-shirt, boxer briefs, socks, hoodie, New Balance 574s. It works for me. Feels good man.

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  18. "Don't make me break my foot off in your ass!!!!!"
    -tell me what that quote is from and win a gift.

  19. the Internet says MadTV's That's My White Momma?

  20. First tornado watch of the year. Huh.

  21. Anyone know what those mini street light things are on xerxes avenue? They're like in the street sorta. What are they and why


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