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  2. I have only been there once, on opening night. Bought a bunch of cheap r&b and funk records - seemed okay for that, but I am not a collector type. Not impressed by the downstairs, maybe it will get better with time? Seems like a tough location to make a go of it in.

  3. a go of what?

    try going back. selection is fine but there are some straight up insane prices on used records

  4. More like fleshlight vinyl

  5. Location could be an issue. It's such a non-descript store front that you have no idea it's a commercial business open to the public. Just kinda blends in with the other studios, warehouses, whatever they are, that occupy the building. Fair selection of about 90% used material. Did see one Coltrane Impulse release that was priced at $100 and that seemed incredibly far-fetched. Did find a nice copy of Dave Ray's "Fine Soft Land" for $1 so I was happy with that. It's nice that it's in the neighborhood and I wish him luck and hope he can have a decent run. That however may be difficult with the amount of options that are currently available.

    If you need a re-issue of "More Songs About Buildings and Food" they had like 75 of them for some reason.

  6. they ordered 500 copies of the bowie RSD release. 500. idk if the dude has funny money or what.

    the coltrane is just one of many. there's also a ziggy stardust for 75 (he said "its an original and that was the price before he died" lmao), five sealed 4th press replacements "stink"s for 80 dollars, otis redding dictionary of soul for 55, sin 34 s/t LP for 80, etc. i scoff out loud going through the bins

  7. I am sure your scoffing has made an impression on the proprietor.

  8. I keep meaning to poke my head in since it is right over in my hood, maybe this wknd since the weather will be nice...oh wait is this wknd Record Store Day? Never mind, fuck that.

  9. I no longer have the patience to hit up record stores and troll around for bargains and hidden gems. I don't even miss it anymore. Which isn't to say I didn't really love doing it, but that it doesn't fill a need for me so much anymore.

    Now when I hit stores I am usually looking for something specific. Given this, I totally hate the rising vinyl prices---both new and used. I just don't have the capacity to look around for a good deal. It all seems expensive to me now.

  10. i've been doing more mailordering than ever lately. love it. like stu, i'm usually looking for something very specific.
    getting a package in the mail is the best.

  11. Taking it back to the '80s and '90s.

    Do you get a lot of free throw ins do that kind of thing still?

  12. Most of the stuff I mailorder from labels comes with extra goodies.
    Not so much the Discogs stores.

  13. it's been over a year now since i last bought a record. i think i've saved more money when i quit vinyl than when i quit smoking

  14. yeah i get free goodies, esp. from places i make frequent orders from

  15. I remember ordering some stuff from SST and they send me a whole bunch of Greg Ginn solo and side project stuff. Not exactly a Christmas morning memory...

  16. ooooof.

  17. haha. You guys are cray. Crate digging rules because anything could happen.

  18. You could flip right to a gold ingot. You could find ancient blotter in a Dead album.

  19. in an effort to curb my record collection, i really had to stop crate digging so much, mainly cuz
    i'd just end up with a bunch of stuff that, while cheap, wasn't a huge want for me, so it just ends up taking valuable space.

  20. You could buy a Ray Conniff Singers Christmas record!

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