flashlight vinyl

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  2. last year

    okay they now have ten copies of stink out, still all 80 dollars a piece

  3. At least put out one at a time!

  4. What the fuuuuck? That's just goofy

  5. Top 10 store!

  6. @vedicardi okay they now have ten copies of stink out, still all 80 dollars a piece

    One can only assume these are the only 10 in existence.

  7. Maybe The Mad Ripple's better half is doing some spring cleaning.

    "Jim, I found another Stink in basement."

    "Just put it in the box., honey. I'm going to Fleshlight this afternoon.

    Heh heh. Fleshlight."

  8. nah its from mr go johnny gos collection

  9. So he probably found 'em in the alley behind Treehouse.

  10. Still haven't stopped by this place yet.

  11. how about those lie detectors @ treehouse

  12. tom

    19 Apr 2016 Administrator

    @pitpat i've been doing more mailordering than ever lately. love it. like stu, i'm usually looking for something very specific.
    getting a package in the mail is the best.

    On this tip very much so these days. Ordered some stuff from Sacred Bones and from a few artists directly. I know the challenges of breaking even on records from the label or artist standpoint so I want to support them directly as much as possible. I like popping into record stores to browse but I lost my stomach for it years ago. I just don't have the patience. Flashlight is not far from home but I haven't heard anything that would compel me to go there soon.

  13. tom

    19 Apr 2016 Administrator

    @Roaratorio I purged a couple hundred titles recently, up on Discogs. Thinning the herd, need the space.

    Doing this too and been pleased with what I'm fetching for some records I could care less about holding on to.

  14. I so rarely find really good scores in used bins that thrift stores are the only places I really "shop" for records for the most part. When I enter a record store I am usually there to buy something pretty specific.

  15. last week
    Edited last week by Roaratorio

    I finally checked this place out today. Saw the aforementioned $100 Coltrane record still sitting there. The prices are definitely on the high side - I let out an involuntary noise of disbelief when I saw James Blood Ulmer's "Tales Of Captain Black" for $50, which is about twice as much as it gets on Discogs on its best day. Not as across-the-board insane as Shuga, but overpriced enough to convince me that no good deals were going to be found there (maybe in the $3 dollar room, but I kinda doubt it), so I don't see myself going back.

  16. The non-gojohnny part of the management is a piece of work. A truly awful person.

  17. never been but that place always gave me a gross vibe.

  18. I live just a couple blocks from this place but have never gone because of the wonderful reviews.

  19. 6 days ago

    I've managed to restrain myself from starting a vinyl fleshlight parody thread because a. no doubt someone already did that when this thread was first initiated b. do we still do parody threads around here? and c. fleshlights are made out of "patented SuperSkin material," not vinyl.

  20. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Jul 20 Administrator

    sounds fucking HOT

  21. @pitpat, Toby Ronnie sounds fucking HOT

    It's a secret combination of high-quality mineral oil and rubber polymers, according to an in-depth investigation done by Men's Health in 2014. I also learned that the company was born when its founder was told not to have sex with his wife while she was pregnant with twins due to her advanced age - 46. I feel smarter already.


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