1. last year

    Kenneth Barbero of Albany, NY was enjoying a nice millennial vaping session when the hand-held device he was using blew up in his face; knocking out teeth, ripping a hole in his tongue and leaving his hands covered in burns.

    "[It was] like an M80 bomb went off in my mouth," Barbero told CNN affiliate WTEN through understandably muffled speech.
    Barbero's mother told WTEN she thinks the vaporizer's battery exploded. "The battery had exploded inside and everything shot out...went into his mouth and burned everything," she said.

  2. zom

    20 May 2016 Doors Fans

    An explosion of flavour!


  4. Revenge Of Robot Dick

  5. I used to love my Generation X Century 25 100s sessions.


  6. pitpat 9 minutes ago Administrator

    Kenneth only vapes once every 1000 years apparently

  7. This is how they are trying to eliminate the vape gene, by destroying our proud alpha, vapers through physical deformities to make them unattractive to breeding females!

  8. females be attracted to the man what can blow the biggest cloud

  9. I mean that's true right?

  10. I'm horrible at posting pics but I googled vape meme at work earlier today and was cracking up

  11. -image-

  12. thank you

  13. real talk Nirvana would have rocked so much harder if Kurdt vaped hard.

  14. I talked to Albini and he confirmed that Nirvana vaped in the studio that picture is real not photoshop.

  15. -image-

  16. -image-

  17. First they came for the vapers...

  18. Sean Connery: "I'll take 'The Vapists' for $200"

  19. vapal infallibility

  20. The Butcher, The Baker, The Vape Juice Maker

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