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  2. last year

    I have a friend who lives in Boston but his kids are in Istanbul right now visiting their grandparents. State Department is telling them shelter in place for now.

  3. Erdogan's out in public saying everything's under control. His control.

  4. Of course he is. If his pants fell down in broad daylight, captured by every video feed in the world, he would say "My pants have not fallen down."

  5. If only there were a phrase for that scenario.

  6. zom

    16 Jul 2016 Doors Fans

    So is this coup a pro-Islam thing? I was playing gothic folk and looking at bees last night.

  7. It's actually the opposite. The army is mainly secularist. My guess is they're tweaked by his increasing Islamist authoritarianism plus his relative inattention to ISIS.

  8. ^^^

  9. So obviously, the situation is more complicated than my armchair take. This person, who knows more than I do takes issue with the term "secularist," preferring "kemalist" (ie, pandering to a different strain of conservative religious folk than Erdogan).

  10. I guess "Kemalism" would indicate the secular modernist Turkish nationalism of Atatürk.

  11. Enforced, compulsory, even coerced, liberalism is such a weird idea but there you go.

  12. Yeah but she's saying that they aren't secular in terms of desiring a separation of church and state. The army just prefers a type of Sunni conservatism that is under the state's control.

  13. Vox has a great 500-word history of Turkey's coups, to provide a little context and understanding.

  14. But that benny profane's link above is also pretty good at that.

  15. Cool thanks for the links and explanation. I will admit to not being super educated on Turkish history etc before this most recent coup attempt but it is interesting and scary I'm sure to be living in such a place.

  16. If this apparently failed coup was what I think it was, I wish it had been successful. That is to say, I dispute the democratic legitimacy of Erdogan's power and have at least as much faith in the good intentions of the officer corps of the Turkish army as I do in him. He would do well not to make the post-coup purge/witch hunt too unseemly or brutal, although that's kind of his thing.

    Easy for me to say as an American, I know.

  17. 2 months ago

    Gentlemen in suits & ties kicking the shit out of protestors today at the Turkish embassy in DC.

  18. #GiveAppeasementAChance

  19. The american police are so tentative compared to Erdogan's guards
    in that video. Bigger & more armored too, but the bodyguards are the kickers.

    I've been reading the Kapka Kassabova book about Thrace, a region
    encompassing parts of Turkey, Greece, & a lot of Bulgaria. Great book!

    She goes into detail about Bulgaria's Turkish assimilation campaign
    in the 80's. You weren't allowed to be Turkish there, people had to
    change their names, speak another language, let the banks take all
    their money.. they were like Mexicans here - built the place, but no
    rights. Lots got killed.

    It's so easy here to forget how crazy the "European identity" is - the
    nationalist, fortress mentality. Turkey, our biggest ally & full of huge
    US air bases, was still excluded from one of the poorest, shittiest &
    meanest countries in Europe in the 80s. And now they can repress
    their own ethnic minority, one that will never go away, & one which
    represents a women's movement to much of world.

  20. 5 days ago

    American Military Positions In Northern Syria Leaked By Turkey Over Kurdish Support

    This is going well.

  21. At least now Trump knows we have bases there.


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