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  2. 4 months ago

    Carol any relation to Steve?

  3. @pitpat, Toby Ronnie either you stole that from twitter, or i follow you on twitter

    Pretty sure that was a joke on John Oliver this week.

  4. @jonbehm Carol any relation to Steve?

    i don't think so

  5. Steve Bannon's whole extended family can't produce an X chromosome.

  6. I so don't want to deal with insurance and MNsure that Imma gonna stop working temporary and just break down and get a job I don't really like to have insurance but it's only for 3 months so I will have to deal with it in June anyway.

    I miss living under socialized healthcare where you didn't have to worry about healthcare at all.

  7. In what fantasy land did you used to live?

  8. Almost anywhere else.

  9. 3 months ago

    Wait, Let's Clown These Scrub-Ass Doofuses Some More

    These fucking amateurs! These butter-soft babies. These utter, utter fucking frauds. Let us clown them for all eternity; let us never forget what a bunch of unserious cosplaying shit-for-brains they are, each and every one. Choose your own favorite from among the smorgasbord of humiliating anecdotes to emerge from the past six days’ politics reporting ...

  10. The group most strongly opposed to a single-payer system is the one who already has it: 65+


  11. Edited 3 months ago by kbollox

    Point taken but even the question is skewed on that. how's about:

    Do you support or oppose a single payer healthcare system that runs concurrently with a private insurance system that not only gives you the choice in the market but also a choice of a Medicare like base system to keep all Americans covered no matter what.

    because Big Health Insurance ain't going away.

  12. Edited 3 months ago by DustyClaws

    Of course 65+ people don't want single payer. To them it equates simply to a tax increase for benefits they already receive. They finally make it to 65 and can switch from a commercial plan to Medicaid. They feel they made it over the hump and I can sort of see where that reluctance to change comes from but also can see the irony.

    Medicare isn't some break even perfect system. It faces an insane amount of long term fiscal challenges. In that respect, we may as well go for single-payer while we still can (we can't) because the pool of people who qualify for Medicare only gets bigger while the pool of people who pay into it gets smaller. I believe trump made a promise he can't keep when he said he's not gonna mess with Medicare which is unfortunate.

    Also unfortunately Republicans are running the government and their economic philosophies are generally the exact opposite of single payer. For the deficit obsessed policy makers, Medicare is a big juicy ham they are dying to rip into. It doesn't matter what these demographics think when we have people like Tom Price in charge.

  13. I have a great idea for a middle ground between single payer and idiotic less government is more conservative thinking. It's called the ACA. Couple of little tweaks and that shit is perrfect. And by perfect I mean as good as it fucking gets. Rooting for single-payer in the present policital climate just seems silly to me. Also all those people who celebrated the failed GOP effort to repeal and replace (me included) should enjoy it while it lasts cause fuck boy Trump is coming for the ACA.

  14. I would guess that Trump loves the idea of people getting behind single payer because this causes faction splitting of his political opposition's base. People forget how much of a massive victory the ACA was for so many vulnerable people and how important it is to protect the provisions of the ACA. Trump wants you to forget. He only wants you to think about how YOUR premiums have gone up and not about all the people the ACA has helped.

    So isn't it even more ironic then that 65+ people don't support single-payer for THE SAME (or similar) reasons young healthy people don't like the ACA compared to the previous arrangement. Because those healthy young people don't want to have to pay more money. Perhaps they'd rather have it Paul Ryan's way and we can go back to having shitty bare bones health insurance plans that are really affordable (as long as you don't get sick) but they're only affordable because the health insurance companies are discriminating against the vulnerable populations who need health insurance the most.

  15. Single-payer to me is just a fashionable buzzword that most people really don't understand the concept of let alone how it would be implemented into the current US healthcare system. It's the feather in the hipster's fedora. Young, healthy, and low-income people don't want to pay more money to subsidize high risk patient's insurance (the ACA/how insurance works) while at the same time believing that everyone should have a basic right to health insurance. Single-payer is a way to reconcile those two opposing concepts, essentially through an income tax hike. Maybe if they pass the 15$ minimum wage alongside single payer, the two will balance each other out.

  16. Edited 3 months ago by DustyClaws

    Im sorry. I didn't mean to mansplain or condescend with those posts.

  17. 2 months ago

    Republicans exempt their own insurance from their latest health care proposal

    Of course.

  18. Keepin it classy

  19. 8 weeks ago

    dun dun dun

  20. "fuck boy Trump is coming for the ACA."

  21. "It's going to be fantastic health care," Trump said, referring to his new healthcare plan. "I shouldn't say this to our great gentleman and my friend from Australia because you have better health care than we do."


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