guys, let's buy a fancy underground fallout shelter and party

  1. last year

  2. for about 160k, we could get a seriously TRICKED OUT party lair. no narcs, no cops, no bad vibes.


  4. @the Classical GUYS WE CAN GET A DOG AT HALF PRICE!!!

    i debated starting the thread with that particular "deal".

  5. "Yes we'd like yr most chill dog"

    "Uhh...I guess Brutus here is kind of chill"

  6. -image-

  7. Man getting bunker with a safe room in it is so BALLER

  8. Guys we have to get the "General"

  9. I would like to live in an old missle silo though.

  10. Missile silo? Pfftt, be more 20th century, we NEED THE GENERAL

  11. holy shit. The General pulls no punches.

  12. The General comes equipped with:

    • 50 Bunk Style Beds with under storage areas
    • 2 Master’s Quarters w/Private Bedrooms & Queen Beds
    • 11 NBC Air Filtration Systems complete with Blast Valves and Over Pressure Valves
    • 9 Traditional Wet Toilets
    • 9 Personal Showers with 1 decontamination shower
    • 2 Full Kitchens, complete with alcohol burning cook top stoves, sinks
    • Gym/Health & Fitness Room
    • Educational Center / Library
    • Lounge Area with wrap-around sofa
    • Dining Hall
    • Laundry Room complete with 3 washers and 3 dryers
    • Utility/Storage bunker
    • Tool Room/Workshop/Utility Room
    • Security unit where your infrared camera monitor and the main gun vault are located
    • Decontamination unit

    If yr security room doesn't have infrared you might as well just open all yr doors and let fucking raccoons in


  14. education center will OBVIOUSLY be converted to vape lounge

  15. I actually thought you meant The General


  16. preparation is patriotic

  17. oh, he'll be there.

  18. i call wrap around sofa!

  19. "Where the fuck is Pitpat? Goddammit I told him not to go in the decontamination unit today Brutus is getting groomed!"

  20. "So what have you been up to since high school?"

    "I bought an underground bunker with some people from the internet and we all live with a dog they gave us named Brutus."


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