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    I've been recording a bunch on my own at home this past year, but I'm missing collaborating, and more specifically playing riffy metal-ish music. When I've been recording on my own, it's been more spontaneous short songs done in a few hours. Since i'm doing all the instruments, I seem to have a short attention span with finishing a song, and not as riffy as in the past possibly because of this?

    Anyway, most of all I miss collaborating with people which I have been very lucky with in the past. I'm always down for sabbathy-type stuff. Loving Pallbearer, but also into black and other types metal quite a bit lately. I get doom stuff is kind of overplayed now...I'm open... If this sounds interesting at all, lets do it.

    most of you regulars on here probably are familiar with some of my music, but in case not, here's my resume:

    Huge Rat Attacks - Follow the Tree Through the Black Hole - recent solo stuff from this year
    Huge Rat Attacks - Organic Babies (with members of Rabbit Holes, Whitesand Badlands...)
    Chibalo (members of Song of Zarathustra, Killsadie, Shotgun Monday, and almost all members of the currently active band Blackthorne)

  2. pop metal or GTFO

  3. Is that like pop rock at all?


  4. I've got a bass I'd like to play more.

  5. i'd be down to clown

  6. wish i was in town

  7. whoa sick rhyme

  8. This is exactly how Rap Metal got started.

  9. Bawitdaba

  10. wait they combined RAP and METAL? what did they call this "new" metal?

  11. This turned out to be a better thread than I expected

  12. If Carlax gets hit by a truck or if you want two bassists, I'm interested.

  13. Both Carlax and J Low are A+ bassists I'm honored you're interested!

    Is there no pm anymore? Or am I just totally missing it?

  14. you can start a private thread, click the persons name

  15. I was confused on the PM thing. Tried messaging you Jason.

  16. 9 months ago

    Starting a band seems like too much work finding a drummer and all that shit totally forgot about that part.... spoiled to have my brother who was a good drummer (moved to St. Cloud for who knows). Who wants a guitarist added to their band? :) I can but don't have to sing.

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  18. only metal im into these days is babymetal
    get that that shit

  19. whats baby metal

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    added drums to a riff but want to find a real drummer real life goth night light

    bend blends bled

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