Minnesota T-Wolves 2016-17, Kevin Garnett/Nikola Pekovic Memorial Thread

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    Also, Pek is dead. RIP Pek.

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  3. Hahaha, yeah, the Nets are going to be brutal.

  4. When I got in the car today, the sports show was live at Lakers media day and they got Metta World Peace on, and they asked him if he'd been working on his three since Luke Walton is the coach and that's what he and Kerr did in Golden State last year, and he replied that he'd mostly been modeling. When they asked for more info, he said mostly in the shower.

  5. Also that KG Making The Band thing is awesome.

  6. I hope KG and Pek get an apartment together. It'd make for a good reality show for the future Timberwolves Network. They should at least be the only two people who are at the desk for the halftime and postgame shows.

  7. I remember Flip telling a story about KG's first practice when he came back to the Wolves. Apparently Pek was trotting back to play defense during a scrimmage and KG screamed in his face "run, you lazy motherfucker!"

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    Anyway - T Wolves predictions:

    KAT - All-NBA Team, Top 5 in MVP (Curry, James, Leonard, Westbrook)
    Lavine - Top 3 Most-Improved.
    Ricky - Second All-Defensive Team

    Wolves, 43-39, 7th seed.

    (I haven't followed the NBA closely since T Hardaway was on the cover of NBA Live 98 and fucking Dale Ellis was stroking it from the corners.)

  9. Vegas has TWolves at 41.5. Looking forward to putting a couple bets on them when I am in Vegas over Thanksgiving.

  10. on the under, i hope

  11. where the heck did that kg/jordan story come from?

  12. Reddit. It's one of those stories that gets more true the further you back away from it.


  13. True or not, it's a fantastic story.

  14. "Admit One" makes me laugh every time.

  15. Oh hell yeah

    Jon Krawczynski ‏@APkrawczynski 58m58 minutes ago
    Shabazz Muhammad loving Thibs' teachings on D: "I can’t wait to get out there and show everybody that I can be a two-way player."

  16. Did you know, and this is weird: Shabazz Muhammad led the NBA in points per touch last year. JJ Redick and Klay Thompson were second and third.

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    it's not that weird when you think about what "points per touch" means...it just means bazz rarely passes the ball. he was 1st in 14-15 and 5th in 13-14 too.

  18. True, but it also reflects his high offensive rebound rate--lots of touches right under the basket. His ORR was higher than any other of the top 15 small forwards in the league.

  19. tom

    29 Sep 2016 Administrator

    Is that a real Bazz shirt??! I'm probably missing something but I love it either way.

    I'm torn on where I think the wolves will land in the west.

    Top of the West:

    1. Golden State
    2. San Antonio
    3. Clippers
    4. Grizz (they could jump to 3 if they are healthy and Clippers can't get it together)

    Then: Portland, Wolves, Houston, Jazz, OKC, Mavs, Pelicans

    I don't see the Wolves getting to 5 or 6 but looking at that group of teams, it's not the craziest thought. Portland and Houston seem like the only two certain to be in with Jazz following closely behind.

    Phoenix, Lakers, Nuggets (although could be interesting) and Kings fall in the lower tier.

  20. I have to respectfully disagree with kai, I think it is weird. Clay and JJ don't pass a whole lot either, and I wouldn't expect Bazzy to get more points per touch than them. Could be that they have to deal with defenders draped on them more often. That and his offensive rebounding.

    And yeah it's a real shirt. For his one year at UCLA he had to sit out at the beginning because of some NCAA thing, Flea played at the first game and wore that.

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