I can't believe I did this for a Million Years

  1. 10 months ago

    perhaps there is a thread for this shit already, but I fucking brewed coffee at 180F for a million years. Somehow that fucking number has stuck in my brain. Currently the internet says, "The brewing temperature of the water used is very important. It should be between 195 F (91 C) and 205 F (96 C). The closer to 205 F (96 C) the better. Boiling water (212 F - 100 C) should never be used, as it will burn the coffee."

    Fuck what have I been drinking for eons.... brown fucking water?! Doh!

  2. You are one of the Great Old Ones.

  3. zom

    6 Oct 2016 Doors Fans

    I have no idea what temperature the water is when I put the Nescafé instant in it.

  4. I drank a lot of Nescafe and instant coffee in Korea. In tiny cups.

  5. zom

    6 Oct 2016 Doors Fans

    I developed a taste for it in the Old Country.

  6. You use water? Why though?

  7. we're all slaves to BIG H2O

  8. Of all liquids on Earth, the only one chosen for scrubbin' and flushin'. The liquid they rinse baby's nappies in, the fluid that floods the gutters o' this cloud-squeezer town; a single drop o' water discolors a glass of Irish, and you, false friend, are wantin' me to pour this abrasive substance into me defenseless body!

  9. So do you just use a thermometer, or can you buy a hot pot that will heat your water to a specific temperature?
    This admittedly dumb question vexes me greatly.

  10. buy one of those expensive laser guns where you point a lazer at a surface and it tells you how hot it is.
    more expensive than a traditional thermometer, but you'll look so goddamned cool.

  11. dude i have one of those lazer temp guns! they're like $5

  12. quit fucking up my narrative, bro

  13. ok Bukowski!

  14. Break the Water Shackles. Life Water Free. Think About It.

  15. Water free. What a beautiful choice.

  16. Water is Bull Shit


  17. WATER is the leading cause of DROWNING!

  18. I really like wearing rings and generally always notice a person's rings, especially if it is a pinky ring. However now, I feel they are a harbor for germs and bacteria. This is where soap and water are very helpful, but still.
    I want a lazer temp gun for $5. wow!

  19. zom

    7 Oct 2016 Doors Fans

    I wear a silver ring that has a slice of the Gibeon Meteorite for the stone.

  20. sweet outer space ring.

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