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    Hi. It is beginning. Devout Muslim mothers are telling their daughters not to wear the hijab today .

    A friend of mine runs a Facebook page about the horrible things she hears every day (as a Korean-American woman in the service industry). Here's a submission from one of her (Korean-American) readers today:

    I just found out that a very, very close family member has waited over 30 years to say my parents made a huge mistake by adopting a Jap and dishonoring his father, who fought at Pearl Harbor.

    In other news, Trump's pick for the EPA is noted climate change denier Myron Ebell , who, if he gets his way, will destroy my job in the solar industry after a short time in office.

  2. Corrections Corporation of America (CXW), a private prison company, saw its stock price shoot up 43% today.

  3. pretty sure trump was drunk during his victory speech.

  4. Yeah every person he was like where is Mike? Give him a round of applause. Rudy where is Rudy bring ruddy out. Chris Christie. All those fucking shameful peices of shit popping bottles of champagne I want to kill them all.

  5. Also what's with the positioning baron right next to trump for the acceptance speech. Are they trying to humanize him and his family or something? I don't get that. Is that kid on the autism spectrum or what?

  6. I'm sure stock for coal companies and pharmaceuticals all rose too. Private prisons. All the worst industries. Sigh.. life goes on I guess.

  7. Cuba to launch military exercises to prepare for ‘range of enemy actions'

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  9. The ACLU has received nearly $1 million in donations since Donald Trump's election

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    x-post from fbook. Sorry to the six of y'all who see this twice.

    I've been thinking about Trump's election and the Affordable Care Act. During the debates, Clinton said that we should, "keep what works and reform what can be made better." Trump said that he planned to "repeal and replace" Obamacare.

    First, after 6 years or so working in health insurance, starting around the time the first regulations of the ACA took effect, I can finally say, within the past couple years, that people, for the most part, know a few of the good things that the ACA provides. Children can stay on their parents' healthcare through age 26. Insurance can't be denied for pre-existing conditions. Minimum preventive care is provided for free. People might not understand the minutiae of the law, but they're going to understand if someone in their family goes from being covered to not being covered, and they're going to blame whoever made the change.

    So, when the two candidates say "keep...and reform" vs. "repeal and replace", they're mostly agreeing on what's going to stay in place. It SOUNDS like the Republicans want to repeal Obamacare and then try to figure out a new healthcare package that puts the good parts back in without the bad parts, but really, who benefits from doing it in that order?

    The social media posts I've seen from liberals discussing the inevitable repeal seem to be asserting that Trump is just going to "do whatever the insurance companies want."

    This sort of implies that insurance companies hate Obamacare. Insurance companies are making money by having 20 million more people enrolled in insurance. The people that got insured under the ACA who weren't insured before were mostly young, healthy people. Those people are money-makers for the insurance companies. I haven't researched extensively, but from what I've read, profits are up in the insurance industry.

    You know what cuts into those profits? Administrative costs. Shifting divisions of the company around to accommodate a major change in national healthcare policy cost the insurance industry a lot of money. Changing it is going to cost more money. Repealing the current system and then changing it AGAIN when the new law gets passed is going to cost even more. The insurance industry has no desire to see the ACA repealed without a replacement already in place. The plan they eventually come up with is probably going to look suspiciously similar to what's there now, but with different names on the bill.

    So, what's the part of the Affordable Care Act that people actually dislike? Individual mandates. The requirement that everyone has to hold a healthcare policy that meets certain minimum standards of care. They're mad that small business owners (mostly imaginary ones) are going broke paying for health plans for their employees, and some people have to pay a tax penalty for not having coverage.
    But, that's what pays for all the good parts people want to keep, and are gonna be mad about losing, and vote every John Q. Whitemale out of Congress if it goes away. Lucky for us, there's nothing that Republicans do better than NAMING STUFF. The beauty of "Obamacare" is that it's a catchy name that people recognize even if they don't know what it means. The people who voted for Trump don't hate the product; they hate the brand.

    So, the Republicans can pass some healthcare legislation that replaces all the important parts of the ACA, but call it The Bootstrap Wellness Rodeo or whatever nonsense they decide on, and the world spins on.
    This is just conjecture on my part, but I honestly don't it working out any other way.

    tl;dr: All of you who said the ACA was a half-loaf compromise forced on us by insurance lobbyists were sorta right, and that's why it's not going anywhere.

  11. I believe you are very correct in your assessment per usual good sir. I had made a post about this recently in the healthcare thread about how insurance companies love Obamacare because it increased the amount of people insured without actually lowering the cost, actually increasing the costs to the consumer really. Some of that was presumed to be offset by the fact that many of those newly insured have complex expensive medical issues like the preexisting conditions they used to discriminate against people for in the first place. The theory that if everyone bought into it, especially younger people who theoretically wouldn't need to use their insurance much, would eventually lower prices was not correct. Forcing young people to pay for expensive medical insurance they don't nessesarily want or need in order to offset the cost for insurance companies to cover the more medically expensive people.. I mean, that's pretty much Medicare Medicaid.. I think what many republicans want is to open the marketplace to competition because competition drives down prices. When you have an overregulated market, everyone gets diverted to the same insurance companies that have been fucking people over from the beginning.

    I've just been learning about a lot of this stuff recently, so I might be off on a few things there. But what your saying is so true. Hilary and trump were basically arguing the same thing, just with a different route to get there and the dumbass American people only understanding branding and buzz words.

  12. zom

    10 Nov 2016 Doors Fans

    @DustyClaws open the marketplace to competition because competition drives down prices.

    Ah ha ha ha ha

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    I meant for those exact words to be in quotations by the way

  14. Blue cross and blue shield was the largest company selling insurance in Minnesota. They decided to price themselves just above the anticipated price of Preffered One but then preferred one dropped out of the marketplace, so blue cross become the cheapest premium in the state for a lot of the people who were then seeking insurance in the wake of ACA. They then responded with a 50% premium hike which dumped the market share and wasn't enough to keep them afloat. So as many people predicted, the enactment of the ACA ran a lot of the companies offering the cheapest premiums out of the marketplace.

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    I assume they were able to price premiums so low in the first place because they were turning away high risk clients (pre existing conditions) who's bills would be drastically higher than that of a 27 year old who may not have gone to the doctor once in a year. So that was their bit. Once they had to insure high risk clients due to the ACA, even with premium hike, it was no longer a feasible model. There isn't a way to say some companies can discriminate against high risk clients while others cannot because the only way to ensure everyone gets coverage without the company sinking is to have all the demographics on board OR bankrupting anyone who wants cancer treatment.

  16. The sad truth is that if they repeal, how the fuck are they gonna get insurance companies to cover high risk clients if they aren't forced to, because insurance companies know these are the people who are gonna cost the most. so sadly I don't think the repeal process is going to include "putting the good things back in it" because there is no magic way to cover high risk clients without a huge offset of healthy clients paying in as well. People hate obama care because they had the luxury of cheap premiums but they only had those cheap premiums in the first place because insurance companies were allowed to discriminate against the people who needed insurance the most.

  17. And I think when people like Donald Trump say, "open up the marketplace for greater competition" it's a veiled way of saying he wants to take away the restrictions on companies to cover high risk clients with pre existing conditions. Then companies will be more able to compete against each other to drive down prices but the only catch is that it will fuck over and discriminate once again those people who have high expense medical conditions.

    God dammit maybe I'm a Bernie supporter after all.

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    10 Nov 2016 Doors Fans

    Words keep echoing in my head from a die-hard Clinton supporter, who unfriended and blocked me because I pointed out a truth regarding Clinton during the primaries in a discussion. And I had never once posted political advertising on my Facebook page, not even once.
    Once Clinton was determined to be the candidate, I was responded to with "Sorry bernie bros, you didn't get the candidate you wanted, but WE got the candidate WE DESERVE! ha ha ha!"

    Yeah you did, "ha ha ha".

  19. I'm pretty sure I said the words "sorry bernie bros" on this board around that time. If it makes you feel better I will eat those words here and now lol.

  20. zom

    10 Nov 2016 Doors Fans

    Nope, won't make me feel anything. I just felt sad seeing all of these people calling Sanders supporters "bernie bros", "berniebots" and whatever. I never used anything derogatory towards them.
    And when I pointed out and put up links showing that the "bernie bro" thing was created by Republicans to cause division, they piled it on even thicker. So confident were they that Clinton would have an easy victory. Really smug, it's just sad. I'm sure they're still blaming people like me, even though we did vote for Clinton when it came down to it.

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