Welcome to Trump's America

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    May 16 Doors Fans

    Hindsight is something-something, on a lighter note, I corresponded with a guy fake-named Heinz-Seitz Golden in 1976 who had something to do with The Firesign Theater fan club or organization, The Natural Surrealist Party. I didn't get a lot of dates.

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    NY Times reports that Comey drafted a memo stating Trump asked him to end the Flynn investigation. He drafted it immediately after the request, which was the day before Flynn resigned.

  4. love it. "I agree he is a good guy."

  5. A senior official in the Trump administration, who previously worked on the president’s campaign, offered a candid and brief assessment of the fallout from that string of bad press: “I don’t see how Trump isn’t completely fucked.”

  6. "If you come at James Comey, you best not miss."

  7. How's that "run government like a business" thing workin' out for ya, boss?

  8. I can't er, enjoy? Is that the word? Relish? How totally fucked up all this is because...
    bombs. Because Pence.

    I do not bring my phone in the room where I sleep any more because there were two days I could not get out of bed because of it

    None of any of this surprises me--he never should have been allowed to run in the first place. Aren't there some kind of background checks?

  9. Man, I didn't think America was going to get so great again so fast.

  10. We've been winning so much I'm getting sick of winning.

  11. it is very important for those Coast Guard graduates to remember that Trump has been treated very poorly by the media

  12. Did he also remind them about his electoral victory and huge inauguration crowd?

  13. And that he fired James Comey because he wouldn't drop the Flynn investigation and has the tapes to prove it?

  14. Guys he was just joking when he asked Comey to drop the Flynn thing, so it's fine.

  15. And he didn't divulge classified information to the Russians, according to Putin, who will totally hand over a transcript to prove it.

  16. @Drinkwater Trump has been treated very poorly by the media


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  18. 'No politician in history has been treated worse'

    Guess he never finished that Mussolini biography.

  19. 2200+ posts in before the thread broke. Oh well.

  20. Hahaha love that.

    Insane to think Trump is going on his very first foreign trip as president. We'll see how that America First shit plays on the international stage.

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