Upcoming Shows for 2017

  1. 7 months ago

    Just so I could say. . .
    The Necks @ Constellation (Chicago, IL)
    Wed 3/1 & Thurs 3/2

  2. And SLEEP with Mono at First Ave April 19th

    I bought a ticket for this show then couldn't remember what show I bought a ticket for. This thread will help me remember.

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    I might go see Porcupine at the James Ballentine VFW on Friday. Greg Norton is in the band so I'm interested to see what he's up to. Also playing are Like Hell and the Toxenes. Walking distance from my crib and FREE!

  4. Mono is opening for Sleep? ugh nah.

  5. Mbongwana Star at the Cedar, March 3 - that's what I am excited for this spring

  6. @jonbehm Mbongwana Star at the Cedar, March 3 - that's what I am excited for this spring

    Hey, I've been curious about this show. I think we may try to go. What do you know about it?

  7. I just know that the record is great - spun it a lot since it came out (in 2015)

  8. I got tickets for Sleep, not real excited about Mono, but I'm still going.

  9. Morbid Angel and Suffocation. is it worth seeing Morbid Angel in 2017?

  10. They were pretty sweet in 2008 or whenever I saw them at the Star Bar.

  11. I require recalls, too, sharyn. This thread reminded me I have to put in a time-off request for April 20th...and get Marc Maron tickets!

  12. -image-

    New Order playing a few dates in the US. Got a message from their mailing list this morning but now their site is down. New Order needs better web hosting.

  13. You'd think they would've tried a little harder on the artwork. That is awful.

  14. Really? That artwork is like the first cool thing New Order has ever done

  15. </shots fired>

  16. Oh yeah I guess that they used to run a drug front, so this is the second cool thing

  17. Blue Monday vape juice might change your mind.

  18. Yeah that artwork is cool.

  19. I shit out art like that in my sleep. Not actual shit though.

  20. And for my next piece, I call this one Urban Decay/Zebra Attack Part 4

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