Sunday liquor sales

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    This is the thread for Sunday liquor sales.
    I, like many of you, I'm guessing, think that our current laws are a little wack-o.
    Have u ever explained what 3.2 is to someone from another state? It sounds crazy (and it would be if it weren't so delicious).
    Impw (in my pefect world), any store could sell alcohol at any time they wanted. Like cigs. As long as they had a license or whatever.

    But I also work for a city that is in the municipal liquor business.
    The liquor store manager asked me to write a letter of support for keeping the Sunday alcohol ban.
    She says that Sunday sales would only benefit the MGM's and Total Wines of Minnesota - and that all the muni's and mom-and-pops are against Sunday sales.

    I get that.

    What's more ridiculous to me is how this goddamned issue has been brought up every year for the past three years, and on and off throughout recent history.

    TBH (to be honest) Sunday sales don't make a whole hell of a lot of difference to me. I've lived here most my life and have adapted.
    What do u think?

  2. It wouldn't affect me one bit -- if I am going to have some folks over for the Vikings game at noon, I sure as hell would have picked everything up Saturday so I wouldn't have to go carting around on Sunday morning.

    However, what I am against is having the state government protect a class of people just because they don't want to work on Sunday.

    I would also disagree with the liquor store manager -- if I HAD to make a beer run, I'd sure as hell do a five minute run to the local store rather than a 15-20 minute run to MGM or Total Wine.

  3. I'm from Illinois and I still find it odd that I can't pick up a pint of Jack with my mallow pumpkins and band-aids at Wallgreen's. But then again, there isn't a lot of union labor muscle in and/or around Macon County, nor do local businesses really care about much else than the bottom dollar (the market isn't one for begging or choosing--someone offers you money for a service, you take it and give it). In the same vein as rachac, I would think mom-and-pop joints could promote their new hours in some fashion that would only benefit their sales, like maybe have a 'Brunch Sale' or something: "Hey, y'all! Remember when you couldn't buy booze on Sunday, period? Well, now from the hours of 10:30 to 1:00..." I'm just spit-balling.

    But I am not a business owner, either. So...

  4. It was probably an unconstitutional religious law at its inception. Currently its just a special protection against competition for a particular industry. Nobody seems to be able to explain why similar laws aren't in effect for hair salons or bakeries.

  5. A favorite argument from the anti-sunday sales crowds is that it will spread 6 days of earnings over 7 days. If that's the case, then keep your doors shut on Sunday. It is not mandatory that they open their stores on Sunday. And if they're worried about losing money because the other guy is open and they're not, then they just defeated their own argument.

  6. Also: an overwhelming majority of Minnesotans support sunday sales.

    I will acknowledge that it's not the most serious issue we have to deal with, but we could all stop talking about it every damn year if they just repealed the stupid law.

  7. Or they could just be closed on Monday -- but no, gotta have a law to keep commerce limited for everyone.

    I'd really like to see car dealerships open on Sunday -- that makes way more sense to me, being open when most people aren't working so they could actually shop for a car.

  8. It's basically the same situation with auto sales. It doesn't make any sense, but most people don't buy a car every weekend so there's a lot less pressure from the public, I assume.

  9. I would rather see a ban on discussing the repeal - only allow a discussion of it every 10 years or so.
    Way more important shit to talk about

  10. That seems a lot more complicated than just repealing the law.

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    I love all the free trade capitalism that is happening in this thread. Ayn Rand loves this stuff. Who is John Gault?

    The reason why these laws don't exist for hair salons is because alcohol is an intoxicating drug that has an effect on the larger society. Yes, it's legal, but it is still regulated, just like cars are.

    I don't care one way or the other, really. But it's spurious to say that it shouldn't be regulated. If they open it up on Sundays it will still be regulated, so why focus in on that point? It doesn't really amount to anything.

  12. I don't think we will see a repeal in our lifetimes.
    Honest 2 pete.

  13. Also, liquor laws in the south are way more restrictive and hard to understand. I suppose I've just grown up here and don't find the liquor laws that confusing. But I've lived in St. Paul for close to 20 years and I still don't understand the snow plow procedures.

  14. Saint Paul now plow procedure is simple. Plow a few main thoroughfares and then wait for the next thaw.

  15. zom

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    I don't care, and I drink.
    It's probably nice for a shop to have a day where they have to be closed so everyone gets the day off.
    My "weekends" are now Monday and Tuesday. I used to buy the drinks on Saturday, and now I still do.
    It's easy. I don't care about this law.

  16. Hair salons and bakeries are also regulated by laws. There's no evidence whatsoever that sunday liquor sales increases alcohol related crimes. We are allowed to buy other harmful products like tobacco and lottery tickets 7 days a week.

    Nobody is arguing for deregulating alcohol. Nobody wants the jake leg.

  17. I don't know what a Jake leg is.

  18. It's a neurological problem caused by drinking unregulated wood alcohol.

  19. I generally support repeal because I don't agree with the puritan foundations of the law. But I get the dilemma it puts small business in. I guess I think that a repeal would also result in more sales though, which may balance things out. I guess that's a big unknown though

  20. @Turlough's ;Axe There's no evidence whatsoever that sunday liquor sales increases alcohol related crimes.

    So there's been a study?

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