February 2017 - Return of the Watchening.

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    I'm watching Groundhog Day. I've never noticed before, but Phil Connors is probably going to jail. On the day he finally escapes the loop, his piano teacher identifies him as her student, which means he booted the kid from his lesson by bribing the teacher, which means he also robbed an armored car.

  2. Doc on James Baldwin I'm Not Your Negro should be required viewing

  3. Saw the trailer for The Santa Clarita Diet (with Drew Barrymore) and will be checking that out.

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    Doctor Strange - definitely one of the better Marvel movies I have seen. I honestly think is was better for having marginal involvement by any of the usual suspects from those films. I know some executive somewhere is currently rubbing his sweaty palms together at the thought of DS teaming up with the Avengers though, which is a shame. The more bloated the films get, the worse they tend to be.

    The thing I was probably the most disappointed by was the antagonist, who seemed kind of weak for a guy that is supposedly the master of the dark universe (which itself just seems like a bunch of weird interconnected balls)

  5. ^ That was my main issue with it too, I otherwise agree it's probably the best Marvel movie I've seen, despite the weak villain and the complete lack of tension regarding DS's ability to defeat him.

  6. I also might have said "DITKO!" a couple times while watching it in the theater.

  7. Do you think Stan Lee's cameo sort of implies that DS was solely his creation?

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    Stan The Man has had a cameo in every Marvel flick tho.

    He's more like a figurehead of "Marvel" for the general population that wouldn't know Jack Kirby from Jack Nicholson. If they could drop a CGI Gene Colan or IRL Steve Englehart or Frank Brunner into the next Doctor Strange flick, that'd be cool.

  9. Man I watched bad education again last night, I'm just starting to realize how fucking brilliant a writer director almodovar is. The Queer Hitchcock .

    I also think I need to go to anger management counseling after watching upstream color I won't even get into the details about what and atrocious piece of shit that movie is

  10. I don't remember Bad Education super well but All About My Mother is a fave for sure

  11. @jonbehm I don't remember Bad Education super well but All About My Mother is a fave for sure

    I didn't remember it for a while either, because I think it's super complex and also I believe I was drunk the first time haha

  12. Talk to Her is a favorite of mine also

  13. Yeah, that was a good one too though I remember being a bit uncomfortable with the subject matter (which usually takes a lot for me)

  14. Baldwin doc is on my list, hopefully this weekend.

  15. Yeah, looks pretty good

  16. 6 months ago

    Oh also really liked the Muppets movie from 2011. They nailed it, really

  17. The Santa Clarita Diet is...ok. I think once it gets a few episodes in and they find their sea legs, it'll be good. Right now, it's Cougar Town meets Walking Dead, with all of the dissonance that juxtaposition implies.

  18. 13 Assassins - I haven't seen any Miike aside from Ichi the Killer (kinda seemed like brutality for brutality's sake) and Sukiyaki Western Django (did not like), or the original film, but this was really good. Gonna check out more.

  19. Watched Keanu on HBO GO last night. I remember this getting scads of accolades when it came out, but I thought it was just good, not great.

  20. would you go VG+?

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