STNNNG Veterans of Pleasure April 1st

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  2. 4 months ago


    Mar 6 Administrator

    Can't wait for people to hear this whole thing. It's fucking epic.

  3. Ordered.

  4. @cojak Honestly your last set at Triple Rock was great so if that was any kind of preview then three cheers my good men!

    If you have seen us any of ten times (or so) over the last two yrs that would give you a fair impression of what the album is like, though there is at least one thing we haven't played live and another that we have played very infrequently.

  5. 3 months ago

    If you want one of the crazy STNNNG boxes (of which there are three) go here at noon CST

  6. April 28th the Empty Bottle
    Pissed Jeans
    The Catburglars
    tickets on sale tomorrow

    April 29th in Milwaukee
    Red Stuff

    Details forthcoming. Buy our goddamn record.

  7. You want to stream the record? Stream in. STREAM IT.

  8. I, like Sisyphus with his bolder, am forever cursed to attempt to drum up interest for this record on the internet or in other words, bump

  9. What stores can I purchase this from? I am old fashioned.

  10. Exclusively at Musicland

  11. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Apr 3 Administrator

    Great American Music

  12. @the Classical You want to stream the record? Stream in. STREAM IT.

    What's a record?

  13. Down in the Valley?

  14. '

  15. We don't have the numbers but this is definitely the top album of the year. Period.

  16. .

  17. *pulls on the hair shirt as he prepares to spam*


  18. Strib knows what's up

    Though I think it is funny how much the gatekeeper culture is entrenched and celebrated in the local media. This is literally what it takes to get Albini to record yr album:

    Me: *calls the studio* "Is Steve available these dates?"
    Guy at studio: "No he's playing poker, how about these dates?"
    Me:"Those work"
    Guy at studio: "It is going to cost this much."
    Me:"Ok, cool"
    Guy at studio:"OK see you guys"

  19. Golden Noise

  20. Yeah that vibe is embarrassingly stupid. Jesus Christ.

  21. BUMP


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