Dreamland Faces record release , Tues 3/21 Cedar

  1. 7 weeks ago

    This is our 10th release, and our 5th vinyl record.

    We'll be accompanying John Akre's movie DEMOLITION DREAMING,
    it's an hour long & about the gateway district of MPLS.

    Poor Nobodys will accompany PANACEA, starring Dhann Polnau.

    Here's the recording: https://dreamlandfaces.bandcamp.com/album/icebreaker

    First night of spring!

  2. http://www.thecedar.org/event/1411702-dreamland-faces-record-release-minneapolis/

  3. cool!

  4. andy, this is phenomenal

  5. so good

  6. Yay!!!

  7. 6 weeks ago

    You're too kind. I forgot to mention that this is in a format which
    many people find most irritating of all - 10" record. Our favorite!

  8. 78 rpm?

  9. 5 weeks ago

    Finn, you jest, but so many of our regular listeners are as
    rabid as we are about 78s that it may as well be one. It is
    definitely being treated as one, package-wise. Paper sleeve,
    nothing else. Any purist would approve.


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