Questions 2: The Askening

  1. 5 months ago

    That shit is broken.

    I'm sorry I don't know anything about the little streetlights.

  2. These things?
    Solar-powered bollards on the bump-outs.

  3. Very nice, thanks. Had never heard the term bollard or bump-out lol but I kinda thought it was something like that

  4. What's a good software program to use for trying to make album art? Preferably free.

  5. Microsoft Paint

  6. haha

    Gimpshop is pretty good freeware if you're on Windows.

  7. @stu Microsoft Paint

    I unironically approve.

  8. Who picked Netherlands and Turkey in the Diplomatic Breakdown pool?

  9. I wouldn't necessarily have except Erdogan.

  10. Anyone have a website or company they like to buy custom shirts, stickers, hats, whatever swag apparel shit? Like to make and sell your own custom shirts for like a band for example.

  11. If you're doing quantities below about 50, I've actually found the most affordable options are people operating on eBay.

  12. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Mar 20 Administrator

    i think @Da' Schwaz maybe works somewhere that does printing stuff like that?

  13. Well it would probably be around 50. Would be cool to find one company to go through as there will hopefully be more orders in the future.

    Any band merch companies people has used they like? Or anything local per chance? Would be cool to setup a meeting before running all the shirts to make sure it'll turn out right, seems hard to get quality control from online companies without spending a lot.

  14. my friend has a print company called Alchemist printing. he's done small runs for me before.


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    Do you think Marianne Faceful is a good pornstar name? Does it lend a touch of class to this otherwise maligned profession?

  16. There is a certain act involving saliva that I would see as an expected specialty in these films.

  17. Why did it take me this long to discover Gay Henry?

  18. 4 months ago

    Spotted on Thirteen Reasons Why...What is this other Modern Radio?


  19. Follow-up question: do they have a message board I can join?

  20. It's a stock photo.

    link text

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