Buildings/STNNNG/Tongue Party April 14th, 7th St Entry "Double Release"

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    Tongue Party

    7th St Entry April 14th 18+ 10 bucks in adv 12 bucks at the door

    First Ave

    Buildings are releasing a new album. STNNNG is releasing a new album. This is the show for it.

    There are no other local STNNNG shows scheduled for anytime in the future so if you want to see us just be aware.

  2. 12 bucks DAMN i remember when i saw fugazi for $5

  3. Breaking news: Stuff used to be cheaper

  4. I did an interview with the Secrets of the City blog.

    For PL's benefit: a blog is a sort of informal newspaper but it is on a computer

  5. Kinkos or gtfo

  6. in. stoked about it.

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  8. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Apr 3 Administrator

    take it to the mrvape board

  9. 2 weeks ago

    Have you thought about this show lately? Have you? HAVE YOU? ok cool

  10. Oh my god is it fucking over yet? Bump

  11. *squeezes lemon juice into fresh wounds*

  12. dude, i'm going. stop yelling at me.

  13. You know it's this Friday right?

  14. shit. i'm out.

  15. last week
    Edited last week by the Classical

    Due to health issues Gay Witch had to drop off the show, Tongue Party will be playing in their stead

  16. And becuz you can't get enough bullshit from me read an interview with me & Adam

  17. Nice. Tongue Party fucking rip.

  18. Tickets purchased as of this morning. Attendance is happening. See you there.

  19. That was many fun. Lots of luminaries.

  20. Seriously fun night. With bonus rose from STNNNG and champagne from Buildings.

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