Comets ov Cupid Comets ov Cupid ~ Celica ~Typewriter ~ Psychomantic ~ Petersen/Betz 4/15

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    Five Unique Acts
    April 15th ~ Hexagon ~ free
    Beware the ides of April

    Comets ov Cupid
    Will blow your mind with escape velocity at the event horizon

    Will Sings Songs From Space Station H

    It's how they party after the apocalypse

    Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult
    the Liberation of the Post Existence Condition

    Betz / Petersen
    Michael and Jesse teeming up to destroy all thought


  2. "Nut, the sky goddess, was of great importance as a protector of the dead at least as early as the Old Kingdom. Her funerary associations are twofold. On the one hand she was regarded as the mother of the deceased through his identification with Osiris (the son of Nut). The goddess could be symbolically identified with the coffin and so, when the dead man was sealed inside this, it was as if he was being placed within the body of Nut, his divine mother, thereby reaching a state from which he could begin a new life. Indeed, in texts of the Old Kingdom the word for the chest of a sarcophagus is mwt (`mother') - a clear allusion to this concept while on the interiors of many coffins of the Libyan Period a figure of the goddess appears, extending her arms as if to embrace the mummy. Nut's other important role, as sky goddess, led to her close association with the coffin lid. This lay above the mummy, just as Nut was supposed to stretch her star-studded body over the earth. In an important prayer, first found in the Pyramid Texts, the goddess is beseeched to spread herself over the deceased in a gesture of protection: `O my mother Nut, spread yourself over me, so that I may be placed among the imperishable stars and may never die.' Versions of this text were commonly written on coffin and sarcophagus lids and, beginning in the New Kingdom; figures of Nut in various protective attitudes were also depicted."

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    this is less than one week away

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  6. Owie!

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    we have gathered the perfect group of acts to celebrate the April 15th 'Nuitratrimass' or the 'Celebration of The Sky Goddess'

    Celica means Sky Object in Latin (also is the name of Sho's sister)
    Comets ov Cupid are Space Rock
    Typewriter seriously is playing songs from Space Station H
    Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult was chosen because the dead are delivered to and protected by the Sky
    and the meaning of Betz / Petersen can not be explained ~ must be experienced

  8. Nut the Sky Goddess is the name of my new Jill Stein cover band.

  9. tomorrow!!
    (or tonight if you are reading this tomorrow)


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