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    Been streaming a bunch of giallo stuff that I've been meaning to see for a while but for whatever reason never did, like Death Walks on High Heels, Amuck!, and Watch Me When I Kill. Watch Me was actually written and assembled coherently, so there's actually a compelling mystery story being told. Not top of the genre, but still pretty good. I enjoyed the other two to a slightly lesser degree. High Heels drags in spots, but has some Argento-worthy set pieces and a sweet Stelvio Cipriani score. Amuck! is pretty cool too, Farley Granger is super creepy, plus Barbara Bouchet AND Rosalba Neri. Swoon.
    edit: Watch Me When I Kill's score was by Trans Europa Express, who were a bunch of Italian studio musicians. It totally rules, very Goblin... almost lifts the Suspiria theme note for note. One of the dudes in TEE was a short-lived member of Goblin for a time.

    The Eyes of My Mother - Pretty creepy b&w horror from last year. Elements of May, Psycho, and TCM. Fucked up shit, very well done. Recommended.

    Death Race 2050 - Mostly pretty bad, but had some good laughs. Tennessee is now known as "Kirkland Tenements". lol

    The Long Goodbye - Loved this. Best cat actor of all time?

    The Spider Labyrinth - 1988 Italian horror from the shitty twilight days of the Italian film industry. Rather tedious. Maybe almost worth watching for the sfx bonanza at the end.

  2. You created a thread the exact same name as one I did at the same time. (I deleted mine)

    Eyes of My Mother has been on my list for a while - looking forward to that one.

    Split - the new M Night Shyamalan movie about a split personality antagonist. Thought it was eh OK. Interesting concept but solid B execution. Also, regarding the spoiler-y bit at the end but without giving too much away: I was pretty confused by the whole thing. I honestly find it a bit hard to believe there were tons of fans clamoring for a sequel to the Shyamalan movie it references?

  3. Twentieth Century Women - new flick on DVD starring Annette Bening as a single mom in 1979 Santa Barbara. Great soundtrack - Raincoats, Talking Heads, Black Flag, etc. Great flick, too, coming of age thing about a teenage dude. Solid drama, character flick, etc. Loved it, mega thumbs up.

  4. Neon Demon-watched it yesterday, and a day later think I kind of loved it. glossy trash, evokes much better things (kubrick, cronenberg, lynch) while being pretty defiantly empty. silly ridiculous gore, good sound design and score. would totally understand if someone hates it tho.

  5. Watched the last (I think?) Wes Anderson with my girlfriend.

    It was nice to look at, but I did not care about what happened to any of the paper dolls capering about on screen. So, same as most Wes Anderson, I guess.

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    song to song - whoooo boy. a very latter day malick-y Terrance Malick movie. some pretty shots but way too much whispery voice over. not interesting love triangle (Rooney Mara/Ryan gosling/Michael fassbender) turns into a not interesting love septagon. all the music cameos (black lips, iggy, big freedia, patti smith) are I guess energetic/more authentic looking than staged fake movie concerts,but all kinda unnecessary.

  7. Neon Demon was probably my favorite movie from last year.

  8. Logan and Get Out were both damn fantastic. Highly suggested viewing. Logan might be the best super hero movie ever made. Get Out was a lot funnier than I expected. Jordan Peele really knows what he's doing and I'm looking forward to seeing more from him.

  9. Morris From America - movie about a young black boy from NYC who moves to a little town in Germany because of his Dad's work. It could have easily been a pretty simple fish-out-of-water story but its actually quite a bit better than that, I think. Kind of surprising to see Craig Robinson in a less-comedic-than-usual role (but still plenty of laffs) - he's actually very good (as is the main character)

  10. Robinson was dark and great on Mr. Robot.

  11. Escape from New York. I have a complicated history with this movie. Decades of thinking it was kind of lame, then a growing realization of its greatness as I started to get what John Carpenter was all about. This time, after a few years, I see where I was coming from, but I still appreciated it quite a lot. I will say this - in the pantheon of fictional movie presidents, from Henry Fonda's grave and wise statesman in Fail-Safe to Terry Crews' M249-wielding energy drink salesman in Idiocracy, British weirdo Donald Pleasence, cast against type as an American with the natural charisma to win an election, is my all-time favorite. Actually, he's just an all-time favorite period. His unhinged ultraviolent vengeange-killing of Isaac Hayes and can't-be-bothered lip service to the sacrifices of those who got him out of New York are magical. Also, Kurt Russell giving Adrienne Barbeau the gun for her doomed but courageous stand against the Duke is a fine moment. And Harry Dean Stanton is curiously fey as Brain. Finally, the twist ending with tape is so stupid at any number of levels, but it totally works.

  12. Captain Fantastic - there were many parts of this movie that I loved.
    Found it very inspiring as a hippie and as a parent.
    However, there were a lot of cliches/conventions/etc. that dragged down the story.
    Regardless, 4.5/5 LA Nicks

  13. Escape from NY is an all-time classic. Love it.

  14. Trapped - documentary about Trap laws in the South (laws designed to take advantage of squishy wording of 'undue burden' in Roe v Wade to regulate abortion out of existence.) Pretty good, pretty infuriating. No right wing/pro life people will see this movie though so its kind of preaching to the choir.

  15. When I was on vacation last week I caught a special screening of 1984. So uplifting! I tried to get my kid to join me but he opted to see the new Power Rangers movie. Oof.

  16. Total burn, man.
    There's a NEW power rangers movie?

  17. And there's a new 1984 movie?

  18. (and is it called "2017"?)

  19. @jonbehm And there's a new 1984 movie?

    Heh. No, it was the original 1984 movie. The screening was part of a nationwide Trump protest .

  20. Would have been more appropriate during the last Administration don't you think?

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